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We offer a unique perspective of lifestyle posts for a plant based healthy lifestyle.

At Greenlove Wellness we encourage a holistic look at health and wellness while incorporating plant medicine into our yoga classes.  

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Universal Munchies – The Ultimate Stoner Pack

Universal Munchies – The Ultimate Stoner Pack

It's safe to say most of the people reading this post are cannabis consumers. We've all been there where you get the munchies after smoking a fat joint or when that edible hits. Most of the time when I'm stoned and need a snack it's whatever is in the snack drawer,...

The Evolution of Cannabis in Modern Culture

The Evolution of Cannabis in Modern Culture

Many have rated cannabis as public enemy number one. However, that is not true. It is one of the most famous and publicized plants in history. From deft and swift legalization movements to Madison Avenue's ad agencies, this natural substance is on everyone’s mind. In...

420 Virtual Events, Ganja Yoga and more

420 Virtual Events, Ganja Yoga and more

420 has always been a holiday I've been feverishly looking forward to for the last 10 years. My first 420 celebration was one to remember, consuming cannabis nearly for the first time in the CU-Boulder Quad before those types of free-flowing celebrations got shut...

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What People Are Saying

I have never done Yoga before and was a bit skeptical going in. Lucy intellectualized the process in a way that was easily understandable to an outsider and at the same time, presenting the ideology in a way that is both inspiring and informative. Although I am certainly not a professional at the poses, her guidance made me want to buy a book and practice so that when I come back, which I definitely will do, I will have an even better understanding and enjoy her class even more than I did. Simply, her guidance is the caliber that can inspire legions of followers.

Sean Malkasian

Yoga Student, Denver

If you are looking for a calming yoga practice & want to connect deeper with community and self while incorporating cannabis (optional)… then sign up.

Wendy Pagaduan

Owner, Clean Coconut Skin Care

A mind blowing experience with Lucy! Loved every moment.

Rebecca Mann

Yoga Student, Denver

Lucy has a gift and I don’t say this lightly. There is a tremendous, vibrant energy radiating from Lucy and her practice. She offers the perfect blend of high vibing yoga and movement with a calm yet commanding guidance. I have done a lot of yoga in my life and never experienced the unique energy before. If you want to connect deeply with self, community and experience yoga while incorporating cannabis… this is your place.”

Ashley Kingsley

Co-Founder, Ellementa

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