200 Hour YTT Atma Yoga 

Founder & Yoga Instructor

Founder, Lucy Rose has been consuming cannabis since 2011. As a Type A personality and slightly OCD Lucy has found that cannabis helps calm the mind, allows for a free flow of creativity, and creates a deeper connection to the mind, body, and spirit.

Her educational background is in Political Science with a Master’s in Environmental Policy & Management. It was through her education that helped spark her interest in safe food policy such as GMO labelling, as well as fair agriculture policies for future farmers. 

It was through her interest in agriculture policy that she began to take interest in the cannabis industry in 2014. After her first Women Grow event at Denver University she knew instantly she wanted to be part of this industry. In April 2017 Greenlove Denver emerged as a resource for those living in a cannabis friendly state. 

Lucy hopes that Greenlove Denver can be an educational resource for consumers and companies alike looking to gain a deeper understanding of cannabis and the benefits the plant has on our mental and physical health, as well as economic and social benefits. 

Lit Yogi 

Since 2011 Lucy has also been combining cannabis into her yoga practice as a natural pairing. 

Lucy has found out that cannabis allows one to connect deeper to the source (self). In 2016 she completed a 200-hour YTT in Atma Yoga with Guru, Saul David Raye. It was through Atma Yoga that she was able to find a greater expression of the heart and a more authentic self. Lucy also obtained a 100-hour YTT in Ganjasana Cannabis Yoga Training in October 2017.

Lucy now utilizes her training in Atma Yoga  and Ganjasana to offer Light & Lit Yoga to students locally in Colorado. Students can expect to utilize cannabis plant medicine as a mode of guiding their inner light and connecting to their mind-body a little deeper. Each class is sponsored by a cannabis company where students can try out new products and become educated on their benefits before purchasing.

Check out our current class schedule to experience Light & Lit.

To date she has offered private yoga classes at The International Church of Cannabis, Phil Lewis Art Gallery, LUXX Retreat, Tetra Lounge, and more.

Light & Lit Yoga has also been a feature story on Entravision educating the Spanish community on the benefits of cannabis and yoga. 

Greenlove Denver also hosts various cannabis yoga and 420 fitness challenges on Instagram to help break down stigmas about “stoners” and to offer a platform in which others can celebrate their cannabis usage and educate others on the benefits. You can search the hashtag #lityogi which Lucy coined in April 2017. 

If you are interested in learning more please check out Greenlove Denver on Instagram to get involved. 

Consumer Education 

While Greenlove Denver specializes in cannabis yoga we also aim to educate consumers on new products in the industry, health and wellness issues, and legislative concerns. You can check out a wide array of subjects in our Blog section. Lucy has also been featured as a guest writer for The Emerald Magazine in California writing on subjects such as cannabis and yoga, cannabis wedding trends, and more. 

If you are interested in being a guest blogger on our site, or have an amazing story to share please reach out! 

If reading isn’t your thing Lucy co-hosts the Lit & Lucid Podcast in Denver, CO. The Lit & Lucid Podcast aims to educate consumers on best practices in the industry, as well as showcase innovative products, and offer entrepreneurial advice to startups and those interested in entering the industry. 

Check out the Lit & Lucid Podcast to hear from a wide variety of guests in Colorado, California, Oregon, Washington, and other legal states.