Have you ever wondered what impact cannabis can have on your relationship whether they be positive or negative? 

Today over 20 million adults are using marijuana in 29 states.  As the number of users continue to rise so will the research on cannabis.

While the research in regards to marijuana and relationships is very limited and mostly skewed to those with addiction problems and the negative effects of cannabis on a relationship I’d like to conclude that cannabis can become a catalyst to a healthy relationship when used in a responsible manner. 

Utilizing cannabis moderately and consciously can help maintain a healthy relationship, prompt open dialogue amongst one another, create a mutually beneficial hobby, offer stress release, reduce depression, and boost libido.

Social Effects 

cannabis impacts on relationshipsDepending on the user cannabis can either turn an introvert more social or cause a social person to become more introverted. It is important that the individual tries out various strains to figure out what ratio of CBD:THC works most effectively for them and whether a sativa or an indica promotes a better high.

Once each party has determined their ideal strain the cannabis usage can help balance both sides of the spectrum to create a happy home and social life where both parties feel supported and comfortable with their individual feeling of being in a heightened state. 

Creativity in Conversation 

Cannabis may also spark creativity in a relationship and lead to some deeper conversations about life, help resolve looming issues, or help come to terms with certain events.

Cannabis helps expand our consciousness when used in conjunction with meditation and mindful breathing. The plant medicine also helps lower inhibitions which in turn allows us to calm the chatter in the mind.

Consuming cannabis together can provoke more thoughtful conversation, or help think of a new way to solve a problem the couple is working to resolve.

Reduces Anger and Aggressive Tendencies  

For those facing anger or domestic violence issues cannabis may be a useful tool to lower those aggressive tendencies towards a partner. 

In 2014 the University of Buffalo conducted a research study on the correlation between marijuana usage in a relationship and intimate partner violence (IPV). The study found that generally speaking those who consume were less likely to be involved in a violent partner dispute.

While there were not strong correlations one way or the other the study has provoked the conversation which will further expand drug policy in the U.S. by providing a greater understanding of cannabis and its effects. 

Mutually Appealing Hobby 

Do you and your partner normally go your separate ways in your free time? 

Cannabis is a great way to bring couples back together for a mutually pleasing experience and hobby. 

When both parties utilize cannabis in a healthy manner it can help the couple feel more connected. They now have a hobby they can both do together and expand the interest into various cannabis friendly events including, but not limited to networking, weight lifting, yoga classes, and painting classes.cannabis impacts on relationships

As states continue to legalize the opportunities to consume in a social setting will continue to grow.

Couples can also become immersed into visiting  dispensaries and learning about new products.

With over 515 medical marijuana stores around Colorado the ability to go on a day date to a new dispensary every weekend could last over 10 years! 

Cannabis for Depression and Anxiety 

Do you or your partner suffer from stress, anxiety, or depression? 

Cannabis when used responsibly is effective for symptoms of depression. While each persons symptoms and level of depression vary – generally speaking cannabis can be used as a quick-acting alternative to antidepressants. 

A 2006 study at McGill University in Montreal concluded that low doses of THC can serve as an antidepressant and produce serotonin, while on the contrary high doses of THC worsened symptoms of depression.

Anxiety’s underlying cause is a fear for either the past or the future. The continued racing thoughts in our mind induces anxiety into our body. One of the best ways to combat this feeling it to remain in the present moment. 

Utilizing mindful breathing, meditation, and cannabis can all assist in curving anxiety. 

If you become even more paranoid and anxious when smoking cannabis perhaps a higher CBD strain may be more beneficial to your body and mind.

Grandaddy purple (Indica) and Strawberry Cough (Sativa) are some strains that can help with general anxiety. 

Understanding the terpene profile of the plant can also be useful when picking strains that produce the most effective sensation within your body.

Terpenes are the smells you get from the plant whether it be the citrus scent of Lemon Kush, or a the skunky smell of Sour Diesel.

Linalool is a terpene profile that has a floral or citrus scent helping provide anxiety relief and a gentle sedation. The same terpene is found in lavender a common scent used for relaxation, massage, and yoga practices.

A common strain high in linalool in LA Confidential and can be used if one is experiencing high stress or anxiety. 

Boosting Libido 

In terms of the correlation between consuming cannabis and sexual activity the research is also inconclusive, however, a study by the Stanford School of Medicine indicated that regular marijuana users may be linked to having more sex.

On average compared to never users those who were consuming daily had 20 percent more sex, with women on average having intercourse 7.1 times per month and non-users having intercourse 5.6 times a month. 

There is some research to support that cannabis lowers sex drive, makes it more difficult for men to perform, and is also linked to a lower sperm count.

While the research may be inconclusive it does show that there is potentially a linkage to cannabis usage and a healthy sexual relationship.

If you are in a relationship and consuming marijuana daily that may be a good sign for your sex life! 

Of course every person is different and various strains effect people in different ways, but cannabis could be a way to deepen your relationship with your partner.

Cannabis is known as a natural aphrodisiac by promoting relaxation and increasing blood flow. 

Companies are even starting to take notice by producing cannabis infused pleasure oils.

Foriacannabis impacts on relationships has created a coconut oil-cananbis oil blend that’s perfect for women and their partners to explore. The product can be used to heighten orgasms, increase natural lubrication, reduce pain and tension, and provide an overall more pleasurable sexual experience. 

In general I think it’s safe to say that cannabis can have some positive effects on a relationship. 

Couples can utilize the plant medicine to explore their relationship at a deeper level, let the plant open their consciousness, lower tendencies of anxiety and depression, and create a more pleasurable sexual experience. 



*It is important that each individual analyzes their cannabis usage and consumes strains that are complementary to their mental and physical states. Consumers should also create balance with their usage only consuming in a meaningful manner and not straying to the point of addiction. 

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