2022 Cannabis Gift Guide

Tis’ the season of gift giving and finding the perfect present for the cannabis consumer in your life. Each year Greenlove Wellness curates a special cannabis gift guide showcasing unique gifts that are a nod at cannabis without screaming “stoner.”

As we move closer to federal legalization and more states have come online for medical and recreational cannabis the stigmas around cannabis are dying down. You may even feel comfortable talking to your family about the plant at this year’s festivities! Lucky you.

If you are looking for some sophisticated gifts for that favorite consumer in your life check out our 2022 Cannabis Gift Guide.


Cannabis Gift Guide 2022In 2013, Founder Lauren Miele sparked the idea of KushKards when she noticed there was a void in the market for cannabis themed gifts and greeting cards. Since then KushKards has grown from cannabis greeting cards, to canna-themed stationary, gift bags and tissue paper sets, cute stoner gifts and more.

KushKards are colorful, clever, fun, and unique greeting cards for the cannabis enthusiast. They were even named “The Hallmark of Marijuana” by Herb.co and Merry Jane magazine. With over 50 designs to choose from you can find KushKards for every holiday and celebration that fits your stoners heart’s desire. Each card includes a slot for a pre-roll with a complimentary book of matches, or a One Hitter Card.

These KushKards are the perfect greeting card to send your favorite stoner friend this holiday season!

If you love them as much as we do, use the code KKHOLIDAY for 30% through the holiday season.


Cannabis Gift Guide 2022Shinesty is back on our Cannabis Gift Guide for the 4th year in a row! Perhaps it’s because each year they come up with dope new designs and have the most clever marketing that we’re always begging for more. The Bongstera, Tropical Weed undies are on the top of our Naughty List this year. Available for men and women this print is sure to send you into a Maui Waui euphoria.

Having tried Shinesty undies in the past we’d also note that they have updated their design to make them more secure on your bum for the ladies and have a signature Ball Hammock® Pouch for the dudes that is A+ (or so I’ve heard).

Crescent Canna

Cannabis Gift Guide 2022

For all the aches and pains that come with age, look no further than Crescent Canna’s topicals. Their CBD topicals are packed with pure CBD isolate and quality ingredients that are beneficial for your skin.

Due to CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties these topicals also help with pain and inflammation. These topicals are so good even your grandma would love them!

Our all-time favorite from Crescent Canna remains the 5,000 mg CBD Recovery Cream, however we thought we’d spice things up (or cool them off) and give the CBD Freeze Roller a go. For those who enjoy the added sensation of a cooling effect in a convenient to use roller ball, this cream is for you. The cream includes organic aloe vera, menthol, and tea tree oil and is available in three strength options: 1,000 mg, 3,000 mg and 5,000 mg.

If you are looking for a quality source of CBD products this holiday season check out our friends at Crescent Canna. Use code GREENLOVE for 20%.


Cannabis Gift Guide 2022For the thoughtful consumer on your list this year, check out Goldleaf’s Cannabis Taster: A Recreational Tasting Journal. This pocket journal is great for those who truly appreciate cannabis and are looking to document the ideal cannabis experience based on flavors, effects, and potency. The Cannabis Taster Journal is essential to those who are looking to dive deeper into their cannabis journey.

Goldleaf offers a wide-variety of guided journals and infographics/artwork that will sure to be a hit with that cannabis lover in your life.


Cannabis Gift Guide 2022PAX is well known for their portable vaporizer, the PAX Plus. This vaporizer brings the best out of your flower and concentrates in smooth sessions without any harsh smoke. We’ve loved this vaporizer for many years, even encouraging to consumers to start the movement #vaporoverpaper (say no to smoking paper and say yes to vapor).

Now if you are looking for a chic way to charge this baby look no further than the new Charging Tray. This sleek design offers a classy touch to charging for your PAX 2, PAX 3, PAX Mini, or PAX Plus that you won’t feel embarrassed having this charging tray out when your mom unexpectedly shows up.

Belushi’s Farm

Cannabis Gift Guide 2022

Of course we don’t want to forget about our beloved four-legged friends during the holidays.

This year’s Cannabis Gift Guide includes Belushi’s Farm k-9ine Full Spectrum CBD. This CBD is safe for your pup, made with full spectrum hemp. This tincture may help your dog support a healthy immune system, may assist with healthy brain and joint function, and more. For us personally we’ve found this CBD tincture helps our dog become calmer and happier, begging for more!


NYE Gift Ideas

Cannabis Gift Guide 2022If you’ve made it this far you may be a bit tired from all the gift giving, so we’re offering up a special gift to reward yourself for all the thoughtful goodies you’ve sent out to your friends and family! Crescent Canna’s Delta-9 Canna Moon Gummies are sure to send you off into outer space. Take a trip this New Year’s Eve with these 12 mg or 25 mg gummies available in Strawberry and Pink Lemonade.

We hope you enjoyed this year’s Gift Guide for Cannabis Consumers.

If you are looking for even more hi-deas check out the 2021 list.