Corporate Yoga “Deskercise”

Yoga takes you into the present moment.

The only place where life exists.


Incorporating yoga and meditation into your work/life balance is essential in today’s sedentary lifestyle. 

Corporate Yoga | Greenlove Denver

Did you know that on average Americans are spending 9.5 hours sedentary every day? It’s also been noted that having such sedendary lifestyle could be more dangerous than smoking cigarettes, and those spending more than 6 hours a day sitting have an increased mortality rate of 71%.

With statistics like that it’s more important than every to take time during your corporate job to take frequent 10-15 minute breaks and spend time outside of working moving your body!

Greenlove Wellness now offers “Deskercise” as a way for corporate clients to enjoy the benefits of mindful meditation and gentle yoga stretches. Classes are designed to be entry level, in an office setting so all participants feel comfortable and do not have to have any fancy equipment such as a yoga mat or workout clothes to participate.

Students are provided with mindfulness techniques they can easily incorporate into their daily lives to help relieve stress and anxiety. We also provide easy to follow stretches that can be used during the work day or before/after work to add some much needed movement into your work day.

  • Classes are conveniently hosted via Zoom
  • Each class is tailored to your company’s specific needs
  • Pricing is based on the number of students and frequency of classes
Meditation at Work

Streaming Online

Corporate Yoga “Deskercise” classes are conveniently hosted online.

What Our Students Are Saying

Definitely take advantage of this amazing reward – even if you join for a few minutes. I have noticed that after going to Lucy’s class, I concentrate better and am able to focus more on the tasks at hand. Lucy’s class is a refreshing pause in the middle of my day and it helps hit the reset button.

Evaristo P, Deskercise Client

You must do this for your staff! We had our first class last evening and it was amazing!!! Our staff loves it and can’t wait for next weeks class! Thank you Lucy! You were fabulous! I slept amazing last night. 

Carol C , Deskercise Client