On Saturday September 9, 2017 Mjfitnut hosted the 420 Games Denver Team Launch Party at Break the Stigma Fitness.

This was an opportunity for the Denver based athletes and cannabis advocates to come together for an afternoon of fitness, cannabis, and community. 


Mjfitnut owners Antonio and Heather DeRose are the first in the nation to create a chapter for the 420 Games right here in the Mile High.

420 Games Colorado Team Launch Party

Mjfitnut & Break the Stigma Fitness

The 420 Games Team Colorado is a community of local Cannabis Athletes, entrepreneurs, and advocates who have united under the collective belief of the National 420 Games mission to help forge a new outlook on cannabis and cannabis users by being active.

Antonio and Heather are strong proponents of fitness, wellness, and cannabis and have created a revolutionary lifestyle platform for cannafitness through Mjfitnut. They also became the first two people in the world to complete the full world tour of the 420 Games Worldwide. 

The Event 

The 420 Games Colorado Team Launch party was held at Break the Stigma Fitness the first cannabis workout facility in the nation located in Wheatridge, Colorado. 

Sponsors for the event included Title Sponsor Craft710 ,Dipstick Vapes, and Grasshopper Vape. Green Dreams Cannabis of Boulder donated over two ounces of high quality bud for the event which was distributed by Top Shelf Budtending providing excellent bud tending services to all patrons. 

420 Games Colorado Team Launch Party

Rosin Press.

Rosin Tech Products recently donated a live rosin press to Break the Stigma Fitness. This machine encompasses state of the art technology to press flower into live rosin. This machine uses heat to melt the flower down into rosin without adding harmful chemicals to the product. 

This is a great addition to Break the Stigma Fitness as customers can now bring their own flower supply to the studio pressing their own product for consumption!  

Kenesha Facello, Denver based photographer and cannabis advocate provided a 420 friendly photo booth for participants to be creative with. There was a variety of marijuana themed props including pot leaf necklaces, fake doobies, 420 signs, and other fun items to use for the pictures!

Athletic Events

Break the Stigma Fitness has created an outdoor obstacle course including tire jumps, cone drills, and monkey bars. All of the 420 athletes at the event were invited to showcase their skills in the obstacle course for a timed challenge. 

420 Games Colorado Team Launch Party


Canna athlete Heru Asar Ra was the winner of the challenge, Cameron Nedd came in second, and cannabis socialite LaynieGanja in third place! 

Participants were also invited to do yoga, participate in a game of tug of war, and a push-up contest with Fitness Coach Lia Oriel for prizes.


The event wrapped up with tons of giveaways from some amazing sponsors including Green Man Colorado swag, Stillwater Brands water bottles and tank tops, Stashlogix signature stash box, Steepfuze CBD coffee, Stashbox’s monthly subscription box, Miss Mary Jane Co. leggings, Break the Stigma Fitness tank tops, and Mjfitnut hats, bags, and water bottles! 

The 420 Games Colorado Launch Party was a 

420 Games Colorado Team Launch Party

Greenlove Denver Stashlogix & Stashbox Winner!

peaceful event showcasing athletic abilities and breaking down stigmas that stoners are lazy. Every person who attended the event was positive, motivated, and a conscious member of society.

It is great that the cannabis movement is expanding and Denver continues to be one of the main hubs of revolution in this industry. 

Look forward to more Mjfitnut sponsored events and content coming soon! 

Check out Break the Stigma Fitness to learn more about their cannabis workout and yoga classes as well as other unique events!