History of Sound Baths and Sound Healing

Utilizing sound vibration for healing has been going on since the beginning of time from Ancient Egyptians and Greeks using musical instruments and chants to invoke healing, to Tibetian monks used singing bowls in combination with sacred mantras and chants. Benefits of sound baths are vast, including mind, body and spiritual healing.

Benefits of Sound Baths & CannabisSound healing doesn’t have to come from chanting though, many people experience an uplifting effect after listening to their favorite song in the car, or feeling a euphoric feeling after a concert. Since our body contains 70 percent water it’s a great conductor for sound energy which makes sound healing so effective.

Sound healing has many forms of modalities from one’s own voice, listening to others sing/chant, listening to music/vibrations through headphones, live music, and beyond. This article is going to explore the benefits of using sound baths and cannabis plant medicine specifically for mind-body-spirit healing.

Sound baths or sound healing is the practice of mindfully listening to different sounds to help the body and mind relax. Sound baths are an immersive mind-body-spirit practice that allows one’s entire being to relax into the present moment. Sound baths can be accomplished by using singing bowls (crystal or Tibetan metal bowls), tuning forks, gongs and more.

Benefits of Sound Baths & Sound Healing

Sound baths are one of the oldest forms of healing known to humans. They were used by ancient cultures to treat a variety of ailments, including stress and anxiety. Today, sound baths are still practiced in some parts of the world, and are becoming more common in the United States at yoga studios and mindfulness retreats.

When participating in a sound bath either in person or virtually it’s best to find a comfortable place to lay down, either with an eye pillow, yoga mat and/or a blanket. Allow yourself to take a few rounds of deep breathing to calm the mind, and to slow down your breathing pattern so you can begin to take in all the positive energy that will begin flowing from the sound bath.

According to Nate Martinez, Sound Therapy Practitioner, paraphrased from MBG Mindfulness, the vibrations from sound healing allow the brain to slow down from our normal beta state to our alpha state which allows for more relaxation, with hopes of moving towards a theta (meditative) state and even the delta state where sleeping takes place.

While a lot of the benefits of sound baths are anecdotal, many people experience a general sense of relaxation, stress relief and the ability to fall asleep easier. In a 2018 study of 60 people awaiting surgery, they tracked the benefits of sound healing before going into surgery showing a decrease in heart rate and anxiety before the procedure.

Other research has shown benefits of sound baths include lowered blood pressure, heart rate and respiratory rate with the use of vibrational sound healing. Despite the lack of research on this topic, I think any participant of a sound bath will tell you how relaxed they felt after sound healing!

Benefits of Sound Baths and Cannabis Plant Medicine

Sound healing on its own is very beneficial, but as a cannabis yogi it’s only natural for me to pair cannabis plant medicine with my sound bath practice. Typically before I start a session I will mindfully consume cannabis flower, setting my intention for the practice. I also enjoy a low-dose edible (2.5-5mg) which creates a greater sense of awareness in my mind and body when experiencing a sound bath.


Mentally, cannabis plant medicine offers many benefits during the sound bath as it allows me to be present, really feeling the full effects of the practice. I also utilize cannabis to clear my mind during a Benefits of Sound Baths & Cannabissound bath as I can really focus in on the vibrations of the sound bath and not have that constant buzzing of racing thoughts in my mind.


Physically, I incorporate cannabis plant medicine into my sound bath through the oral ingestion of cannabis flower and via an edible for internal physical stimulation. I find that the body high I experience from cannabis plant medicine enhances the vibrations and sensations that I experience during a sound bath. Oftentimes, if I’m practicing on my own, I will play the singing bowls on my body running through each of the Chakras to release any tension or stuck energy in these spaces.

I also mindfully massage my body with Crescent Canna’s 5,000 mg Recovery Cream to help with inflammation and pain in the muscles and joints. I’ve found that incorporating cannabis both sublingually and transdermally creates a holistic approach to mind, body healing.


Spiritually, the combination of cannabis plant medicine and sound bath healing allows me to drop into a deeper state of consciousness and awareness. I’m able to tap into my third-eye center energy, and really feel the prana energy flow through my body during a sound bath.

Mindfully incorporating cannabis plant medicine into your sound bath can offer some amazing healing benefits that are still yet to be explored in today’s modern medicine. I’d encourage you to pick up a singing bowl of your own, or check out a local yoga studio offering sound healing. For myself, I’ve only been practicing sound healing for a year, but I’ve already noticed the benefits of sound baths allowing me to be more calm, and having a holistic option to heal my body when it’s experiencing stress, tension or pain.

If you are looking for resources for a sound bath healer, check out Dynasty Electrik they offer YouTube streaming sound baths on Friday nights that are the perfect way to end a hectic work week.

Benefits of Sound Baths & Cannabis

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