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We were lucky to catch up with Lucy Rose recently and have shared our conversation below.

Hi Lucy, so happy to have you on the platform and I think our readers are in for a treat because you’ve got such an interesting story and so much insight and wisdom. So, let’s start with a topic that is relevant to everyone, regardless of industry etc. What do you do for self-care and how has it impacted you?

Self care is an important aspect of my daily routine. I often say in my yoga classes that you can’t be there for others unless you show up for yourself. Self care is a way to show up for yourself as well as promotes healthy mental health.

For me, self care is taking time each day to mediate, do gentle yoga stretches, and either workout or take walks daily. Each of these practices is important to my own self care and helps calm my mind and body in times of stress. Taking the time to pursue self care practices allows me to be more effective in my job, my home life, and my relationships with others.

Great, so let’s take a few minutes and cover your story. What should folks know about you and what you do?

Outside of my day job, I’m a Yoga Instructor and Mindfulness Guide to my local community. My platform online is a place where I can share mindfulness tips, meditation techniques, and other wellness practices.

Greenlove Wellness started as a place for mindful consumers to learn more about what the modern consumer looked like, showcasing what it looked like to incorporate plant medicine into one’s lifestyle. In 2017 I launched Light & Lit Yoga classes where students could consume in a safe space, while learning mindful techniques, and incorporating cannabis into their yoga practice. Over the last 6 years I have hosted many classes in Denver as well as online.

Today, as my own relationship with plant medicine has evolved I focus more on mindful meditation practices and corporate wellness. I enjoy offering meditation techniques to others, as I have consistently been meditating for over 2 years with the guidance of Deepak Chopra’s practices. The profound change in my own mental health is so great, that if I can spark that same change in others that’s a win for me.

I also have expanding my offerings to corporate wellness where I focus on providing stretches that students can do at their desk (Deskercise) while also offering mindful practices that help with stress and anxiety in the workplace.

If you had to pick three qualities that are most important to develop, which three would you say matter most?

1. The biggest impact on my young adult life was moving to Washington DC after college. It was during that time that I had to navigate daily life on my own, in an unfamiliar environment. I was working on Capitol Hill and had never left Colorado before. I had to learn to take the bus/metro and live fully on my own without family and friends to lean on. It was during that summer that I started to find who I was as a person, and learn to live life on my own terms. After that summer I started working at a law firm that I’ve been with ever since. If it wasn’t for that leap of faith in the summer of 2011 my life would be very different today.

2. The next big impact in my life was my Yoga Teacher Training under my guru Saul David Raye. In 2016 I signed up for an Atma Yoga training, where I learned to love Bhakti and yoga in general. I was able to find a mind body connection I never had before and learned more about the balance of masculine/feminine energy which sparked a passion in me to share that knowledge with others.

Since then I continue to practice under Saul a few times a month, and offer my own yoga classes to others. It was through that experience that I was able to find my own light. Through yoga I’ve now expanded my knowledge base into meditation which has been equally profound on my life.

3. The last big area of impact for me was starting therapy a few years ago. The value of having an unbiased source to talk through problems with, past traumas, and life’s ups and downs is an invaluable experience. It has taught me to be more accountable to myself and others, helps shed light on the things that I do that can negatively affect others, while also learning that the burdens I carry from family are not my burdens to hold. Without this valuable insight I don’t know where I’d be. Through therapy I’ve continued to read self help books, and listen to podcasts to further expand my understanding of human nature and what causes me and others to tick.

My husband has also been very valuable in expanding my knowledge on the topic as his own educational background is in Psychology. He holds me accountable in the best way and has helped me become a better person. Without having met him my life would also look much different.

Before we go, any advice you can share with people who are feeling overwhelmed?

When I’m feeling overwhelmed it’s easy to get caught up in the moment, perhaps expressing myself in a way I wouldn’t normally if I didn’t feel those emotions. It’s important in overwhelming times to take a moment for breath work and step away from the situation at hand. Maybe that means taking a 15-minute break from your work, or going on a walk in nature, or settling down on your yoga mat for some gentle stretching and grounding practices. Whatever that self care looks like for you it’s important to walk away from the situation in order to calm the mind/body and help curve the feeling of anxiousness.

When I feel overwhelmed I close my eyes and start to count my breathe — inhale 1,2,3,4,5 – exhale 1,2,3,4,5 and repeat until my mind has calmed. If mindfulness doesn’t help with the anxiety enjoying a walk out in nature and Vitamin D, or a long drive with no destination in mind works wonders on my mental health.

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