Starting the 30 day challenge I viewed the concept as really a “challenge” and something I would have to work at everyday. I never would have thought that CBD would become an integral part of my day and truly a lifestyle change. Now every morning I wake up excited to have my daily dose of CBD. Exploring the benefits of CBD has solidified to me its benefits. Even though you can not physically see the results or feel them like you would with consuming THC the rewards are there.

Utilizing CBD into your daily routine is a commitment to “do better” to feel better and take accountability for your mind and body. No one has control over your body more than you do and no one knows the ailments your body is feeling besides you. CBD is a tool that can help you bring your body back to homeostasis with that little extra boost on the endocannabinoid system.

While there is a lot of hype around cannabis being a “miracle drug” and reaping countless benefits (which I do not disagree with) there is a level of accountability one must take to help themselves. For example, if you continue to eat unhealthy, react before thinking, and continue down a path that is not good for your mind and body then no supplement or plant based regime is going to fix that. Now, if you take control of your reality and CBD as a tool among other tools to assist your body and guide it back to health then I believe you will reap the benefits the plant has sowed.

Practicing mindfulness is one way to start to make changes in your life. Instead of reacting every single time in a heightened situation take a breath before you react and see what the resolution might be. Be mindful in your daily actions. Truly feel each moment in time instead of letting them pass you by. While it is cliche we really only have the present moment and most of us are so busy worrying about the past and future that we are literally missing right now.

When consuming the CBD take a moment to appreciate the benefits of the plant. Mentally tell yourself that the CBD can be used for healing and it is helping to nourish the body. This simple mindfulness while consuming the tincture is a great place to start and only takes a few seconds.

I can get into further detail about mindfulness and utilizing yoga in your daily routine, but for now lets start with the most basic step – gratitude towards the plant.

Let me know how CBD is affecting your mind-body symbiosis!