Tomorrow marks the two week mark of adding CBD into my routine as a lifestyle change. I have been using a low dosage of CBD as part of my daily regimen in my morning coffee on a daily basis. I tried to put the CBD tincture in a water bottle and that ended up making everything oily and taste funny. Its personal preference, but the CBD does have a weed-like taste making it not the best pairing for every food or drink.

With the whirlwind of 420 events last week I didn’t have as much time to focus on a morning yoga flow and meditation. However, I do feel like my mind and body have been mostly in sync for the last week or so. In part I believe it is because of the CBD dosage, but also a combination of increased physical activity and mental stimulation.

Even though I am a daily cannabis consumer it’s normally only a few hits at night to whine down from the day. Just adding the few cannabis activities I attended up’d my consumption and left me feeling a morning fog. That hazing feeling in the mind where your thoughts are slowed down and you feel slightly groggy from the night before. The great thing about CBD is that it does not get you high and will actually act as a neutralizer to THC. So if you were like me and smoked a little too much over 420 you can consume CBD to help your body fight the excess THC.

This week I will focus back on my morning routine including yoga, mediation, and CBD as well as going to the gym and eating healthy. I think doing all of these things help bring the mind and body back in sync. Without making lifestyle changes it will be hard to prove that CBD solely is the reason why your body is feeling better. If you continue to eat hamburgers and not become more active in the body then I do not see how CBD can help regulate the body.

You have to help your body help itself!