CBD oil has really helped to smash negative perspectives on cannabis for many Americans. However, a negative stigma surrounding CBD oil and cannabis still exists. It’s not uncommon for CBD oil consumers to be labeled potheads or drug users and druggies. Despite being legal, many businesses and organizations still have an adverse reaction to CBD consumption. 

Schools and school districts across the country have banned CBD use on their grounds (much to the dismay of parents of children with epilepsy and seizure disorders). CBD is off-limits for active service members in the military, and a number of employees have reported being fired for CBD use

Despite the progress we’ve made, the negative stigma surrounding cannabis and CBD is still very evident. That is precisely why one CBD business has decided to offer a scholarship, The Eliminate The Stigma Scholarship asking students who support CBD consumption to help advocate for CBD. Green Wellness Life believes the brilliant and creative minds of the next generation can provide compelling stories and arguments to help remove the bias surrounding CBD. 

CBD Scholarship Green Wellness LifeAs a business selling CBD, Green Wellness Life has experienced the negative stigma associated with their products firsthand. “We want to give back to the community and we’ve tried building partnerships to help local animals shelters, gyms, etc. but many businesses have turned us down simply due to the fact that we sell CBD products,” remarked owner Brandy Palmer. “Even with The Eliminate The Stigma Scholarship, which is offering students a chance to earn money for college, we’ve experienced a lot of pushback from universities and colleges who didn’t want anything related to CBD on their websites.” 

With many colleges refusing to promote the scholarship on their scholarship pages, Green Wellness Life refuses to give up on getting the scholarship out in front of students and supporting the mission of eliminating the stigma surrounding CBD. The business believes that once student stories and submissions start rolling in, they’ll be able to give those stories, posters, poems, videos, etc. a platform so that the voices that need to be heard will be heard. 

About The Eliminate The Stigma Scholarship

The Eliminate The Stigma Scholarship is an annual $1,000 scholarship designed to promote healthy conversation and advocacy for CBD. Students are asked to help break down the barriers around CBD by creating submissions that will help Americans view CBD in a different light. Submissions could be in the form of: 

  • A graphic
  • A video
  • An animation
  • A poem
  • An essay
  • A photo

Submissions are not limited to just the mediums mentioned above and can be in the form of any other type of multimedia format. Students could tell a story about how CBD has helped them or someone they know, or they could create pieces that make other arguments for CBD. Whatever your message is, the scholarship could be your opportunity to promote it. 

Apply For The Scholarship 

The scholarship is open to all US citizens entering or attending a university, college, or trade school in the United States. Applicants are required to maintain a GPA of 3.0 or above. The deadline to apply for the scholarship is CBD Scholarship Green Wellness LifeAugust 31st. The scholarship winner will be notified by September 30th with a check made out to the winner’s school. You can apply for the scholarship by sending all of your materials to outreach@greenwellenesslife.com. Feel free to share the scholarship with any and all of the students in your life.

At Greenlove Wellness, we fully support plant-based healthy lifestyles that include CBD oil. We are just as interested in eliminating the stigma surrounding CBD and would love to see this movement gain traction.