Guest Blog by: Ian Baker

Christmas is the season for everyone to be jolly. Glittering lights and colorful trees adorn homes and shopping centers all over the country.

If you want the Christmas decorations in your home to reflect your love for cannabis, look no further. With the legalization of many cannabis dispensaries, many cannabis lovers do not feel the need to hide. Cannabis products, which are now legalized for both medicinal and recreational purposes in many states, have now become more accessible.

Cannabis products also help users achieve inner peace, calm the mind, and promote creativity. It enables you to connect with your mind, body, and soul. It soothes jangled nerves and helps you feel less anxious.

Many people now enjoy the health and mental benefits of a good joint. Those who live near a legal cannabis dispensary can choose over a wide variety of cannabis products such as oil, edibles, and flowers.

Now, who would have thought you could also incorporate your love for anything green in your home’s Christmas decorations? We will help you achieve a festive and harmonious home that is more personalized to your tastes. White Christmas is so overrated anyway, so plan away for a green Christmas.

Cannabis Wall Art Decor

You can shop for many cannabis-inspired wall decorations online. You can choose from framed paintings, posters, laser-cut metal cannabis wall arts, and murals.

High-quality cannabis and Christmas themed wall decors are also available for the season. Wall arts are a great way to express your love for a good joint. It can be a good conversation starter when you have guests come over. It can also be a great way to educate those who have negative opinions on cannabis.

Cannabis Christmas Ornaments

You can make your Christmas decorations stand out this year with a cannabis theme. You do not need to stick with the generic, bright Christmas ornaments available in the market. Here are some cannabis-themed Christmas ornaments that you can use in your home.

Cannabis Leaf Christmas Tree Ornaments

Christmas Decorations for Cannabis LoversGive your Christmas tree a breath of fresh air with unique and quirky Cannabis leaf Christmas tree ornaments. They are available in Christmas balls, hand-blown cannabis leaf-shaped ornament glass, THC molecule shaped decoration, and other fun shapes and designs.

Cannabis Leaf Adored Christmas Stockings

Give your standard red Christmas stockings an update and get one that boasts of cannabis-themed designs. Your friends and family will surely know what to get you when they see your Christmas stocking. Imagine waking up to a cannabis stocking filled with your favorite oils and edibles. Now that would be a very Merry Christmas indeed.

Smoking Santa Ornament

Who doesn’t love Santa Claus? Nothing says “Merry Christmas” more than this jolly, gift-giving fellow. You will love him more when he is enjoying a pot. Pot-smoking Santa Christmas ornaments are available in many online stores. Christmas Decorations for Cannabis LoversPot-smoking Santa comes in felt ornaments, metal ornaments, or hand-blown glass ornaments.

Cannabis Christmas Tree

Instead of using the traditional Christmas tree, you can put up a weed Christmas tree this season. Imagine ganja leaves decked in sparkly and colorful fairy lights. Sounds magical, right? You can choose between artificial weed in pots or real ones. You can use a small potted weed if you want a subtle Christmas weed tree. You can easily keep it out of sight when traditional friends and families visit.

There are giant Cannabis Christmas trees available if you want to make your love for Cannabis recognizable. It will certainly light up your home and keep your mind in the right state during the busy holidays.

Cannabis Packaging for Christmas Gifts

If you want to make wrapping gifts to your fellow Cannabis-loving friends more personal, then consider using the following:

Cannabis Leaf Decals

You can wrap your gift in a plain red wrapping paper and decorate it with cannabis leaf decals.

Cannabis Glitter Stickers

When giving out Christmas cards, you can use cannabis glitter stickers to seal the envelope.

Weed Leaf Washi Tapes

You can use washi tapes with weed designs instead of the regular scotch tape when wrapping your gifts.

Christmas Decorations for Cannabis Lovers
Cannabis Leaf Wax Seal Stamp Kit

Make letters, cards, and gifts more personal by giving it your personal stamp.

Cannabis Wrapping Paper

There are cannabis wrapping papers and gift bags available that you can use to quickly wrap your presents with.

The legalization of recreational Cannabis products in the U.S. still faces some challenges. However, you can still celebrate this victory with a cannabis-themed Christmas holiday.

Happy Holidays!

About the Author: Ian Baker handles content marketing at Happy Leaf Collective. There are 5 years that he is deeply involved in the cannabis field. He had 3 years of experience as a Budtender and thanks to its desire to achieve more, he has a career move.