Crescent Canna Watermelon Seltzer Review

I’ve been loving Crescent Canna’s infused seltzers for quite some time, and they just came out with a new Sour Watermelon flavor. With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner, this is a great time to find an alternative to green beer! I’m not a big drinker so I figured Crescent Canna’s Watermelon Seltzer would be my new drink of choice, and I wasn’t wrong.

This THC seltzer is made with hemp-derived cannabinoids and has 10 MG of THC per can which is the perfect dose! I’ve found that anything over 10 MG is too much for me and causes me to wake up groggy in the morning. Especially since the product starts to take effect the moment you consume it’s important to start low and slow. Consuming cannabis as a water-soluble liquid allows the THC to be absorbed into your bloodstream through the tissue of your mouth, esophagus, and stomach which is different from the type of absorption you’d experience with combustion.

Crescent Canna has a variety of seltzers available to ship (legally!) from Tropical – 6 MG THC / 3 MG CBD, Ginger Lemonade – 5 MG THC / 4 MG CBD, High-Potency 50 MG, and Watermelon there are many great flavors to choose from.

Crescent Canna Watermelon Seltzer Review

Out of all the flavors I have tried, the Crescent Canna Watermelon Seltzer was one of my favorites. The flavor profile was tangy with a hint of sweet, but not too sweet, and is made with real fruit juice. The sugar content is also one of the selling points to this product as I don’t like drinking my calories, there are only 20 calories per serving and 6 grams of sugar per serving in this drink. The drink is also caffeine free which makes it great to drink any time of the day.

I enjoy drinking seltzers as they offer a quicker, more effective high, that can be leveled out or sped up depending on how slow or quick you want to consume the drink. I’ve found a deeper sense of connection to my mind and body with this mode of consumption as well, as it doesn’t make me as anxious as smoking would. Consuming this seltzer also allows me to drift into a deep sleep where I’m not restless throughout the night and wake up feeling my mind and body restored from the night before. I also tend to wake up in a better mindset of calm and peacefulness which allows me to start my day with mindful meditation.

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of consuming cannabis edibles you can check out a previous blog post here.

Overall, the Crescent Canna Watermelon Seltzer is really a hit! I think the bonus is Crescent Canna’s products are available for shipping which means more consumers have accessibility to these wellness products. I’m even seeing these seltzers being introduced into bars as an alcohol-free option for those who don’t drink, which is awesome. You can still get the benefit of consuming a drink with friends without the terrible hangover.

If I have you hooked and you want to give Crescent Canna’s Watermelon Seltzer a try!

You can use code “GREENLOVE” for 15% off your first order of Crescent Canna products **code is not eligible for seltzers. 

Crescent Canna Watermelon Seltzer Review