Today marks the first day of the CBD challenge and hopefully the first day of the rest of my life with a healthier mind and body. The goal is to utilize small dosages of CBD and THC to bring the body back to a state of homeostasis, or full mind body health.

Over the years I have struggled with OCD tendencies, the need to control most situations, a burning anger that overcomes me in unexpected moments, as well as nervous and anxious feelings. I plan on using a 3:1 CBD to THC dosage daily. My hopes are to tackle many of these mental issues through healing of the mind through this natural alternative. In order to do that I will utilize some daily yoga movement along with mindful meditation.

This morning I woke up very nervous and anxious earlier than normal likely because I knew the first day was upon me. Wondering what the effects of this plant will have on me, and if I could truly move towards a healthier state all on my own. I layed on my mat this morning and started to wake the body through some gentle movement. I also use a roller and therapy balls daily to roll out any stiffness in my neck and low back that comes from sitting at a computer most of the time.

This morning I felt a lot of stagnant energy throughout the mid-back that normally is not there. I trusted my breathe and sent prana energy to that space. After about 15 minutes of gentle movement I ended my morning practice with 10 chants to Ganesha – the remover of obstacles.

Meditation is definitely not my strong suit so starting with 10 chants seemed to be a doable task. A few mindful breaths and intentions for the day,  “I am good, I am capable, and I am strong” and I was ready to try my first cup of CBD infused coffee.

The second I dropped the CBD into my coffee you could tell there was something in the coffee that normally is not there. The CBD drops looked like little oil molecules floating around the cup. I will admit I was nervous this would make me high. Working from home I had to be at my computer in 15 minutes for the rest of the day and could not spend the morning in a high state.

So far so good…I do not feel high. I am focusing the mind on being calm despite all the things on my agenda for the day. My hopes are this 30 day challenge inspires others to take control of their mind and body wellness and utilize cannabis as a natural supplement in their daily routine.