Day 3 of the CBD challenge. Today I do not have much to note about my morning ritual, however, I will say that yesterday I took too many drops of CBD. There is a fine line between a few drops (3) and too many drops (5-6). For each individual it will be important to test and regulate your dosage based on your own level of tolerance. For me I have to be productive at work all day and can’t spend my day high, for others you might be able to enjoy the hour of euphoria. With any type of medication monitoring dosage is essential.

The full moon last night provided heightened energy for my yoga class. We enjoyed our time together in class and I introduced mindfulness and more traditional meditation. Teaching at a recreational center it is often times difficult to introduce traditional yoga practices such as learning about gods and goddesses and deities as well as chanting and OMing in class. I am lucky that my students are very receptive to my variety of teaching and appreciate a workout type flow as well as traditional aspects of yoga.