Do you hate the way protein bars taste? Personally every time I walk down the snack bar aisle I turn my nose up in distaste because all of the bars taste remotely the same. 

Detour Lean Muscle recently came out with protein bites that offer great taste, quality, and price. They recently paired with M&M’s as the first ever protein company to offer the signature M&M candies in their bars. 

Detour M&M bites

Photo by: Jarrod Mason

The Detour Lean Muscle M&M bites have only 3 grams of sugar, 2 grams, of fiber, and 5 grams of protein per bar. 

These are also mini bars so they won’t get you overly full, but are the perfect size to keep your hunger at bay. 

They also come in a resealable bag and are individually wrapped for easy on the go snacking! 

I loved the taste of the M&M bites as they gave me the candy fix I was looking for while still being a healthy alternative. 

I also picked up the Detour Lean Muscle Cookie Dough Bites and they were equally tasty. The mix of cookie dough in the bar gave the bites an added bonus. As a cookie dough lover I appreciated being able to indulge while still being low calorie.   

If you are health conscious or lead an active lifestyle these bites are a perfect addition to your snack drawer. They won’t make you feel guilty and leave you feeling satisfied.

Eating M&M’s never tasted so good! 

Check them out at your local Vitamin Shoppe or online for $7.99 for 8 bars. 

Detour M&M bites

Photo by: Jarrod Mason