What is CBD?

Cannabidoil (CBD) is the non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant which is becoming more popular in the health and wellness industry to combat anxiety, reduce pain and inflammation, is an effective treatment for epilepsy, and is helpful for cancer patients amongst other health benefits. 

I frequently utilize CBD in my yoga practice whether it be through a tincture or a CBD strain such as Harlequin or ACDC.

I have found that CBD allows my body and mind to gently relax which makes it easier to drop into the present moment during practice and meditation. 

Every Day Optimal CBD 

Every Day Optimal CBD is the nation’s leading supplier of CBD oil in the USA. These products have zero traces of THC and are derived from industrial hemp, and free and clear of any pesticides, chemicals, or other harmful onsets found in other CBD products. 

everyday optimal CBDWhen I learned about Every Day Optimal I knew I had to be methodical in trying these products. In the past I have tried a daily CBD routine, but quickly fell off the path. For this experiment I wanted to really keep track of my daily milligram usage in order to track the effects I was feeling in my mind and body.

For three weeks I did my best to utilize a daily milligram dosage of around 60mg. This was through a combination of Every Day Optimal CBD capsules, tincture, and gummies.

While I am very athletic weight lifting daily and doing yoga as much as possible I never really had any chronic pain or body ailments. However, after speaking with another weightlifter in the cannabis industry he mentioned I may have inflammation that I’m not even aware of and encouraged me to stick with the CBD routine to see what benefits it offered.

While I do not have physical body pain I am riddled by anxiety and stress on a daily basis. I was very encouraged by the benefits of CBD to help aide in anxiety.

I noticed the effects of CBD immediately the day I chose not to take CBD. I quickly felt agitated and annoyed with my stomach in knots. I realized later that I had not taken my CBD regime and felt like my mood and behavior may have something to do with that.

After taking a CBD capsule I felt more relaxed and confident that I could get through the day.

Now I do my best to not skip a day because I do recognize the effects of CBD and can recognize how my body feels with or without the product.  

CBD Gummies 

The first product I was eager to try was the CBD 10 MG Gummies. Being a gummy addict myself I knew I was going to love this product! This is a great way to curve your sweet tooth while gaining your daily dose of CBD milligrams. 

The gummies are non-GMO and only have 2G of sugar in each piece. I found that these gummies were everyday optimal CBDthe perfect afternoon pick-me-up to get me through the work day. 

Every Day Optimal has also come out with 15MG and 25MG gummies for those who need a higher dosage as well as CBD chewing gum. 

These are great options for those who don’t like a tincture or capsules. The CBD is also digested fully into your system as your body breaks down the gummy in the digestive tracts. 

I’ve also found the CBD to beneficial to my digestion regulating my system much easier then without the cannabidoil. 

CBD Capsules 

Every Day Optimal’s CBD 25MG Capsules may also be my second favorite product the company offers.

For those who don’t like tinctures or are more used to administering medication via a pill form this is a great alternative. 

everyday optimal CBDI take a capsule in the morning to start my day. I’ve found that it helps regulate my system, provide me with mental clarity needed to get through the workday, and conveniently provide me with a dosage of CBD. 

These capsules are full spectrum CBD made from USA-grown hemp, non-GMO cultivates, and organic farming practices. They also include the complete plant profile and full spectrum oil. 


CBD Tincture 

Tincture is the last option in which to administer CBD, but may be the most popular.

 Tinctures are produced by steeping cannabis flower into a high-proof grain alcohol administering heat over a long period of time. The end result is a highly concentrated liquid of cannabinoids. 

Tinctures can be added to food or drinks, or most effectively sublingually placed under the tongue absorbing into the system more quickly. 

everyday optimal CBD

I’ve found that tinctures are most effective when I’m “having a bad day” and need a quick jolt of CBD toget the body moving again. 

The Every Day Optimal 600MG CBD tincture has a slight peppermint taste making the preference to administer the oil under the tongue.

The oil is 100% vertically integrated, includes the full plant profile, is made from USA-grown hemp, and non-GMO cultivars. 

CBD for Health and Wellness 

Overall I would recommend a CBD regime to anyone who is looking to combat anxiety and tension in the body as well as pain and inflammation through a healthier alternative than prescription medications.

For those dealing with more serious health issues such as epilepsy and cancer always speaking with a doctor is recommended before starting any doses to ensure the CBD is being properly administered and will be effective. 

I have found a daily dose of CBD to be beneficial for my mind and body promoting overall health and wellness.  

Check out Every Day Optimal CBD online to learn more about their products!

They have many different levels of milligram dosages for every need!