Many have rated cannabis as public enemy number one. However, that is not true. It is one of the most famous and publicized plants in history. From deft and swift legalization movements to Madison Avenue’s ad agencies, this natural substance is on everyone’s mind. In case you have questions regarding its growing conditions, cannabis can virtually grow in every climate or country. Here’s a fun fact; cannabis can literally grow on North Korea’s streets as well. 

Cannabis plants are relatively graceful, sinuously waving against their stalks with more extended serrated leaves, which resemble bamboo. Perhaps, this situation inspired the unpopular interpretation of Bob Dylan’s phrases, “The answer is blowin’ in the wind, my friends.” When you look into history, cannabis dates back to the earliest forms of civilization. Nearly everyone from the ancient world who fell into the Mediterranean clock, from Scythians, Greeks, Mesopotamians, to Assyrians and Iranians, consumed cannabis for its recreational and therapeutic properties. But, in the post-industrial times, the wonder supplement has gone mainstream. 

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Legalization protests and movements worldwide have led to unprecedented momentum, allowing more countries to legalize the substance’s trade and consumption. In simpler terms, humans have come a long way through the 1930’s dark ages. From the evil weed and a pleasant medicine to everything in between, there are many ways to explore the rise of cannabis. So, let’s go through some of cannabis’ notable transitions that have led to its evolution in modern culture.

Ancient Practices

Looking into Hindu Mythology from around 2000 B.C., marijuana has been listed as one of the five sacred plants. Legend has it that Lord Shiva wandered off after an argument, brooding and getting tired in the sun, decided to rest under a leafy green plant. After some time, he wakes up and decides to consume a bit of the plant. Consequently, not only does cannabis become his favorite food, but it also allows him to become one of the first potential cannabis enthusiasts. 

The Emergence of CBD and Legal Laws

Even though cannabis is known for recreational use, CBD does not share the same fame. It is a hemp-derived product known for soothing and healing effects. Since much of it is because of low THC traces, more users have come together in the wake of its legal identity. The significant breakthrough came in the year 2018 when The United States President signed the new Farm Bill, making hemp cultivation and trade legal across several states of the country.

Several studies show how Just Cannabis can alleviate chronic illnesses like pain, depression, stress, anxiety, and many more. This corresponds well with people who have been consuming prescribed medication for an extended period and now looking towards using natural substances that do not induce mind-altering effects and long-term side-effects.

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Public Enemy Number 1

Many people would often rate cocaine as the public enemy number one, but it was never the truth. During the early 1930s, wealthy American politicians and industrialists walked extended lengths to misrepresent and demonize marijuana in front of the American public. 

Furthermore, the Marijuana Stamp Act of 1937 criminalized marijuana smokers. Specific enforcements were provided with options to target bust heads, minority communities, and pack jails. Not only did such acts continue, but they also made way for more corrupted individuals to make false claims and laws.

Road to The Modern Culture

As a medicinal substance, cannabis makes its place in Chinese texts for pain-killing, sedative, diuretic, and sleep-inducing properties. Another discovery that came out to be known as the second wave extracted more uses of cannabis. That is when cannabis came to terms with modern methods. Meanwhile, hemp, which is a variety of Sativa plant species, was discovered. Later, researchers found that hemp production could lead to clothing and ropes. 

Evolution of CannabisWith several instances and examples of renowned personalities smoking and growing the wonder drug, not much is up for argument. However, cannabis has always raised a bar of curiousness. And, in this case, researchers and scientists made their way into the cannabis industry. They conducted several animal and human studies to test the medicinal and recreational properties of cannabis and agreed that it has been in practice for centuries.


Cannabis and Creativity – The Modern Fusion

Creativity and cannabis are often linked, with their combination seemingly and culturally agreed upon. There are a lot of factors that come into play here. From various cannabis products, artist testimonials, and hand-blown bongs, to the rise of smoke and paint art sessions, there’s a lot of it that says both are a welcoming blend.

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One of the research pieces reveals that creativity is parallel to the brain’s frontal lobe. Moreover, its association gets boosted with cannabis consumption since the compound tends to increase cerebral blood flow to the specific area. Such an interaction can activate the brain’s nucleus accumbens. This phenomenon has led to several individuals and groups incorporating cannabis into their lifestyle to produce good music, write, or even discover contributions.

Final Thoughts

For better or worse, figures decide the fate of everything. As humankind evolved through the centuries, cannabis growth experienced several shifts. Back when people used the drug for recreational and religious purposes, it came under the federal knife in the mid-twentieth century. However, in modern times, cannabis has made its mark as one of the trending substances but is bound to evolve more in the near future.