Ganja Guru Yoga is the latest cannabis yoga class to hit the Denver yoga scene hosted at Urban Sanctuary Wednesday’s at 7:30pm and Sunday’s at 9:30am. 

Adam Brous, owner and creator of Ganja Guru started this venture a few months ago as a way to offer his unique insight into cannabis and yoga after partaking in this practice himself for the last ten years. 

Yogi Adam Brous

Adam found yoga in high school as a way to benefit his soccer endeavors.

Shortly after Adam began experiencing chronic migraine headaches.

After trying countless medications with plenty of unhealthy side affects and no actual remedy to the pain his neurologist suggested cannabis. 

It was through this plant medicine that Adam was able to alleviate his headaches and started creating an intimate healthy relationship with his consumption.

Experimenting with the plant blossomed from a need to rid his body of physical pain, moving to mental discipline including meditation, and eventually led to consumption in a more spiritual capacity which he incorporated into his yoga practice.

It was through this deeper connection to cannabis that Adam created Ganja Guru Yoga as a way to share these sacred practices with others in the community. ganja guru yoga

Ganja Guru Yoga

Adam’s education is in power vinyasa holding a 200-hour YTT certification from Core Power in Vinyasa Yoga as well as a 200-hour YTT from Core Power in Hot Yoga.

*While Adam’s traditional background is in power vinyasa Ganja Guru is a fun and inviting yoga class for all students and skill levels. The class itself is not particularly challenging and all students should feel comfortable attending no matter their past experience with yoga. 

Students are invited to come 30 minutes early to class to consume and mingle amongst one another.

It is during this time that participants gets to relax, settle into the space, and get to know one another truly creating a cannabis community.

Ganja Guru’s classes also includes various sponsors such as 1906, Endocanna, and Stillwater Life Brand where students can try new and exciting products in the industry.

Ganja Guru Yoga Class at Urban Sanctuary

Cannabis Yoga Experience

The class begins with a few minutes of mindful meditation allowing students to drop into their space, calm the mind, and really begin to feel the effects of the cannabis on the mind and body.

Students are then guided through an intuitive flow of stretches, power moves, and balancing postures before slowing back down on the mat for a blissful savasana. 

What I loved  most about this cannabis paired class was that Adam pays special attention to the mind body connection inviting students to reflect upon their current state before moving into more difficult postures.

It is important especially when consuming cannabis and participating in physical activity that students are properly guided through the practice.

Ending class I felt very relaxed, but yet accomplished after a good work out!

Students were all smiles leaving Adam’s class feeling elevated and apart of the larger cannabis wellness community all eager to come back. 

Adam hopes to see legalization continue over the next 5 years so that students all across the U.S. can experience the benefits of cannabis and yoga.

He hopes that through Ganja Guru he can become a knowledgable resource available to all students by continuing to cultivate a meaningful environment and by acting as a conduit of understanding of yoga and cannabis.

“I truly believe that we can all help to create a dynamic positive energy that can resonate with and impact our global community… That is why Ganja Guru Yoga exists.” – Adam Brous. 

Check out Ganja Guru online for information on attending your own elevated yoga experience!