Cannabis & Yoga 

greenlove Denver light lit

Photo Credit: Kenesha Facello

For the last six years a decent amount of my time has been spent doing yoga and consuming cannabis. I started consuming my last year of college and realized that it was great for stress relief. I was finally able to calm my mind and body and just relax.

A few months later I found yoga and realized it had similar benefits. For me the connection was just so natural – cannabis and the practice of yoga gave me peace, clarity, and the ability to just be, even if for a few moments. 

Last year I received my yoga teacher training in Atma Yoga by my Guru, Saul David Raye at Karma Yoga Studio. The yoga training emphasized sun and moon energy and honoring the balance between the two in our daily lives, the mind and body, and our yoga practice.

I also learned about Bhakti yoga which celebrates self devotion. It’s okay to release and be yourself – in fact it’s very invigorating!

Use a little cannabis to help loosen the mind and body and you have Bhakti Bliss!

During my yoga class I invite students to close their eyes and vibe to the beats of the music for a few minutes. It’s amazing what kind of release your body can benefit from some carefree movement.  

Greenlove Denver 

In April I decided it was time to join my passion for the plant, my devotion to yoga, and creativity to start something new. Greenlove Denver emerged as a lifestyle blog for millennials living in a cannabis state.

Greenlove is a lifestyle brand for the modern stoner encompassing the lit yogi lifestyle.

A lifestyle of higher consciousness for the environment and our own personal health,

greenlove Denver light lit

Photo Credit: Kenesha Facello

pairing cannabis and yoga to find your inner light, and expressing yourself in a unique, chic manner wherever you might be. 

Greenlove Denver Light & Lit Yoga 

Today I have started Light & Lit Yoga as an outlet for people to consume cannabis in a responsible manner in order to seek their inner light through the mind, body, and spiritual practice of yoga.

The class incorporates meditation and breath work, gentle stretching, an active vinyasa flow, and restorative poses to truly dive deeper into the cannabis infused yoga class.

Educating others on the benefits of using the medicinal factor of cannabis and ways to use the plant as an aide in reaching a higher consciousness are all goals of Light & Lit.

My hopes are to do my part in de-stigmatizing cannabis users and showcase the truly educated and conscious beings who are today’s “stoners.”