As a cannabis consumer for the last 7 years I’ve frequently switched up an alcohol beverage for a joint countless times. At all of my hosted cannabis events I like to ensure there are non-alcoholic options available for my friends as most of them do not consume alcohol. Over the years we’ve found various ways to “drink” without the alcohol such as adding RIPPLE to our favorite spritzer. 

Gruvi non alcoholic Recently I was introduced to Gruvi, a line of craft non-alcoholic beer and wine that’s also brewed with terpenes. The best thing is the beverages actually taste really good and are low calorie making it truly a guilt free option. Adding terpenes to the mix allows one to elevate their mood, suppress hunger, or reduce anxiety. These are common sensations one would feel with consuming cannabis now available without the cannabis! 

Terpene Profile 

For those who are unfamiliar terpenes are fragrant molecules that release a therapeutic scent. Common terpenes include linalool found in lavender, limonene found in citrus fruits, and pinene found in various pine and fir trees. Natural terpenes brewed in Gruvi beverages include: lemon peels, hops and grapes. 

Gruvi Beverages 

I had the pleasure of sampling the Gruvi IPA, Weisse, and Prosecco. The Weisse definitely had a sour tang to it and mimicked the taste of beer to a T! I’m not an IPA fan so I let my boyfriend try that one, but he had similar feedback that the beer tasted very high quality and closely resembled a craft beer IPA. The Prosecco completed the tasting as my favorite. Reading the ingredients the Prosecco is a fizzy grape fruit drink that tasted very similar to a bubbly wine. I could easily drink the four pack and not feel any guilt or a headache after consuming! Gruvi non alcoholic

If you are steer clear from alcohol, but feel guilt when going to a BBQ with friends because you aren’t drinking with the crowd consider picking up a 4 pack of Gruvi. The beverages are available in various locations across Denver, with my favorite being Tipsy’s in Littleton offering such a wide selection of alcohol beverages it’ll make your head spin. You can also purchase online

Skip the hangover and give Gruvi a try I promise you won’t be disappointed. 

Photos provided by Youwho Brand