International Church of Cannabis World Yoga Day

On Saturday June, 24, 2017 The International Church of Cannabis hosted World Yoga and Music Day.  The day was filled with various yoga classes, a round-table discussion on cannabis and spirtuality, and a drum circle. It was an opportunity for nonmembers to check out what the church had to offer in a non-consumption environment.

Gentle Movement and Meditation

The class I attended was hosted by Jimmy Smrz, Yoga on the Green, which International Church of Cannabis World Yoga Dayemphasized gentle movement and meditation. While it was a non consumption event Jimmy alluded to how the power of cannabis can help oneself dive deeper into their own spirituality. Cannabis allows the body to become more relaxed while easing the mind of any tensions and anxieties. Many have realized that yoga and cannabis  hold a natural relationship.

Through yoga, gentle breath work, and stretching the muscles in the body begin to relax. One is able to release tensions and emotions being stored in the body while practicing yoga. Adding cannabis to a practice allows that same sensation to overcome the mind relaxing the constant chatter and allows oneself to slow down. Focusing inward one is able to connect their breath with each pose moving mindfully though the practice.

International Church of Cannabis World Yoga DayLooking up during practice at the colorful murals encompassing the church was a very unique experience. The church vibrates with positive energy and spirituality having been the home to many religious groups originally emerging in 1904 as a Catholic Church.

No matter one’s spiritual beliefs all are welcome at The Church of Cannabis.


The International Church of Cannabis’ members call themselves Elevationists. The group uses the power of cannabis to become the best version of the self, discover a creative voice, and enrich the community with that knowledge. The creativity of the collaboration of artists are on full display in the church both in the chapel and throughout the rest of the building.

Buzzing through the day.

The yoga class ended with the soothing sounds of Jimmy playing the harmonium and Krishna Das’ song touting the gentle reminder that God is real. No matter one’s religious beliefs we were all connected in that very moment in shavasana surrounding to what is in this very moment surrounded by community, creativity, and the passion to express oneself with or without the cannabis plant.

Practicing in a spiritual space, especially one that honors the cannabis plant, was truly an unparalleled experience. For those who have not checked out the church I encourage you to check out their Facebook page to stay updated on community events.

Check out Yoga on the Green as they continue to expand into the cannabis community spreading good vibes of peace and spirituality through yoga and weed.

International Church of Cannabis World Yoga Day