Every year when the holidays come around I’m always finding myself franticly searching the internet for the perfect stoner gifts. No, I’m not talking about rasta print and loud cannabis leaf swag, I’m looking for those unique items that are a nod to cannabis while being classy. As a modern consumer I love finding products that are cannabis inspired while still being chic and sophisticated. The Lit Yogi Gift Guide offers a wide variety of products for that special stoner in your life. 

Clean Coconut Skincare 

I’ve known the Founder, Wendy Pagaduan since the inception of Clean Coconut and have had the opportunity to watch her product line expand throughout the years. As an RN, Wendy has the knowledge base about the effects of prescription drugs on the body and how beneficial natural products can be when done right. That’s why when I heard about the release of the anti-aging line including Face Serum, Intensive Repair Cream, and Clay Mask I knew I had to give it a try before the holidays. 

I’ve always had dry skin, but for some reason dry skin was popping up on my eyebrow of all places, which is really frustrating! For most of the year I’ve been switching from one CBD moisturizer to another looking for something to take the eczema away to no avail.

The first item on the anti-aging line that caught my attention was the Face Serum. Having no knowledge about what serum was I was pleasantly surprised to learn about it’s benefits for hydrating and moisturizing deep in the skin, while improving fine lines and wrinkles and keeping the skin feeling bright and glowy. Who doesn’t want to feel better in their own skin? 

After trying the face serum I can say without a doubt that I am hooked! The deep moisturizing benefits of the serum are top notch leaving my face feeling moisturized and not sticky and dry. The glowing effects of the product are real leaving me feeling confident enough to not wear makeup. I’ve now combined the face serum with the moisturizer and my skin is feeling much healthier. I also use the Clean Coconut Happy Scrub made with hemp oil and all natural ingredients for an all over exfoliator. 

If you are looking for a skin care line you can trust with results you can be happy about Clean Coconut is your go to.   These are the perfect items to give that canna-mom, sister or friend in your life, I promise they will be pleased with the results. 

Use code LETITSNOW20 for 20% off through December 31st. 

Ken Ahbus 

Ken Ahbus, Mary Jane’s alter ego is a lifestyle brand for today’s sophisticated stoner. I’m talking the hard working, hustling stoners who know how to unwind after a long day with a bong rip or hit from a joint. Ken Ahbus’ sleek, minimalistic designs make this brand a go-to for me. You won’t see any bright colored cannabis leaf designs, rather you can find a canna-chic item that you would feel comfortable wearing to the mall without getting that shocking head turn. 

If stocking stuffers are on your mind this holiday season look no further, Ken Ahbus just released a line of holiday stoner stockings! You can get an “All I want for Christmas is Legal Weed” stocking and fill it with a signature Ken Ahbus coffee mug to make Santa really jealous of your gift giving skills. 

If clothing is more your thing Ken Ahbus offers a wide array of t-shirts and sweatshirts in various designs that will be sure to speak to you. Whether the “High” design or “Crush Dabs” sparks your fancy there’s something for all types of consumers. These are the perfect gifts to give to any stoner on your list this year, and since the products are such high quality you’ll impress them too!

If you are feeling the holiday spirit use code “GREENLOVE” for 10% off your order. 


Every year when the holiday’s come around I get so excited to see what Shinesty has up their sleeve. This company is hand’s down the most creative clothing company I’ve found to date. Not only do they have really Lit Yogi Gift Guideawesome prints, but the quality of their clothing is top-notch. I’m still dreaming about the perfect Lit Yogi Neon Light’s dress I got from Shinesty last year that I fittingly wore to a 420 Christmas Party!

This year since we’re all stuck at home I decided to give the pajamas a try. Normally I wear a t-shirt and shorts to bed, but hey it’s Christmas time so I figured I’d spice it up a bit. The pjs from Shinesty are so soft, perfectly tailored to fit your body and did I mention how cute the print it?! I love them so much I’ve convinced the whole family to get matching pajamas for Christmas Eve so I could have an excuse to wear them out – they are that nice. 

Now if pjs aren’t your thing and you’re looking to dress to impress check out the full line of clothing available for men and women from blazers, dresses, intimates and more. The Christmas Morning Wood Blazer was my favorite -I can just see myself smoking a fat joint in this blazer now. 

Ignite & Flo 

For all the yogis on your gift list, nothing could be more special or memorable than a custom made mala or bracelet from Ignite & Flo. The founder, Ashley Grimm is reiki practitioner and yoga teacher who focuses on uplifting her clients through empowerment and deep connection. I met Ashley in 2016 where we completed a 200-hour Atma Yoga training with our Guru, Saul David Raye. It was during that training that Ashley and I connected and have been soul sisters ever since. 

When I turned 30 this year I knew the gift I wanted to give myself was a hand-crafted mala specific to the attributes I needed to grow into as well as let go of in my next chapter in life. Ashley beautifully and intentionally crafted a mala for me that I will hold dear to my heart for years to come. She listens to her clients wants and needs, has them do a questionnaire before building the mala, and sits with each piece in meditation to ensure all the beads and energy used are perfectly aligned. 

Mala’s are an amazing way to raise your energetic vibration as well as hold you accountable for manifesting what you truly desire. If you are looking to take your life to the next level in 2021 or just really looking for an extra special gift for that yogi in your life a custom mala by Ignite & Flo is my recommendation.

If you are local in Denver and looking for Reiki she also offers amazing sessions paired with your new mala and some cannabis –  ahhh instant bliss! 

Greenlove Wellness 

One of my favorite gifts to give yogis and non-yogis alike is the lavender eye pillow. Our eye pillows are made with all-natural ingredients infused with lavender essential oil and lavender pods. These pillows are great to wear when you have a headache or need some extra rest. They are also perfect to use in savasana during your yoga practice as they help settle the eye muscles and allow the face to relax in the moment. Lit Yogi Gift Guide

The pillows are now available with a strap to help keep them in place making them much easier to wear while sleeping! I personally love giving the eye pillow to my pschyonaut friends, they’ve found really good use for them in those early morning hours. If you or someone you know needs some extra R&R this year the lavender eye pillow is an easy, yet thoughtful gift to give. 


MJ Arsenal 

Every year MJ Arsenal puts customers in awe with their holiday themed glass, from Valentine’s Day to Halloween and Christmas they always offer the coolest pieces. This year they went with a sophisticated modern look with the new frosted glassware including the Atlas Mini Dab Rig and the Ursa Mini Dab Rig both compatible with a dreidel, Christmas tree, and snowman bubble cap. MJ Arsenal is always a show stopper and a great holiday gift for the stoner in your life! 

I hope you enjoyed the 2020 Lit Yogi Gift guide and found it to have some amazing cannabis inspired hidden gems. If nothing tickled your fancy check out the 2019’s gift guide for more insight! Wishing you a lovely and lit holiday season. 

All photos by Youwho Brand.