In the Fall of 2015 Maha Soul, a soulful yoga studio and shamanic healing center opened in Littleton, CO by owner Tracy Lawson. Previously off the beaten path of downtown Littleton, Maha Soul recently moved into a new space right off of Main Street in the heart of the town.

Tracy was inspired to open the studio in order to offer healing on every level including the mind, body, and spirit. She hopes that the space brings joy to its students and encourages people to find their light, which in turn, raises the overall positive vibrations of the universe.

Maha Soul offers a variety of yoga classes, workshops,  shamanic (energetic) healing, reiki, essential oil treatments, and massage therapy.  

maha soul Studio Owner, Tracy Lawson

Tracy was called to yoga and energy work beginning her formal training as a shaman in 2010. While there are a lot of misconceptions about the term “shaman” Tracy uses her experiences as a way to bring balance to the community.

Shortly after her shamanic training ended Tracy dove into her yoga teacher training at Karma Yoga. This training allowed her to further explore the more spiritual side of yoga and open up a more beautiful and joyous world for herself, which she can now share with others.

Once Tracy finished her training she felt the calling of opening a soulful yoga studio in Littleton just minutes from her hometown of Englewood, CO.

She hopes that the studio has opened the minds of many skeptics and brought peace to many student’s lives.

Maha Soul’s new space

In the last month Maha Soul has moved locations to 5739 S. Curtice Street, Littleton, CO.

The new space is absolutely breathtaking! From the moment you walk in you feel a sense of peace, and being at home.

The building was previously an auto repair shop in the 1950’s with white washed exposed brick and cement floors. The bare bones of the space was a perfect area for Tracy to truly make her own.maha soul

Cody Kiebler of Kiebler Kustoms was contracted to build new walls for the studio with old pallets from The Pressery, a company that presses all of the organic juices for Whole Foods!

The space now includes two gorgeous paintings of Goddess Lakshmi and Ganesha created by Rosalen Moran of The Rustic Rose in the main studio, light catching lanterns, aspen tree stumps, and other small touches to make the space feel very intimate and welcoming.

Practicing in this space has been one of the most calming experiences I have had in a yoga studio.

The positive vibrations coming from the walls, the natural lighting, and the grey-washed wood floors create an ambiance perfect for self healing and discovery.

maha soulThe lobby is also full of amazing goodies from local artists and retailers from malas, bracelets, yoga apparel, and even Kombucha on tap – Maha Soul has it all!

The Classes

Maha Soul offers a wide-variety of yoga classes to students from restorative yoga to traditional vinyasa flow classes.

Tracy has created a personalized system to help students better understand the classes based on a “sweat factor.”

She has created a scale from “no sweat” which is good for beginners, those with injuries, or in need of deep relaxation, “very little sweat” which includes more breath work and stretching, “medium sweat” great for all levels, and “big sweat” which gives you a greater workout.

Using this system students are able to gauge what to expect from a class especially if they are new to the studio or yoga!

Maha also promotes various workshops as a way for students to dive deeper into topics such as sound healing, mala making workshops, emotional freedom techniques (EFT), and make-and-take essential oil classes.

On Saturday August 26, 2017 from 9:50-1:00pm Maha Soul will celebrate its grand reopening in the new space. 

Come check out the studio, learn more about their services, and mingle with other members of the Littleton community.

Maha Soul hopes to continue to be a catalyst in helping people heal, love, and thrive. maha soul