On Sunday August 27, 2017 Founder Kendal Noris and Mason Jar Event Group hosted Yoga with a View at Lone Hawk Farm in Longmont, CO.

The Farm

Driving down an old dirt road in the midst of the Boulder flatirons with willow trees providing shade feeling like I was being drawn into a tunnel of enchantment the sense of excitement began to pick up.

The greenery and wild flowers, the sound of running water, chickens clucking in the background, and the old farm house made for a picture perfect landscape for Yoga with a View. 

The Space

mason jar event group yoga with a viewWalking into the main space I was greeted by a wooden stage adorned with twinkle lights and raw wood ceilings. The room was airy and open- the perfect space for a yoga class.

The backyard was decorated with a sophisticated chic flair by Irie Weddings and Events. The tranquil color scheme provided a serene atmosphere for enjoying a consumption yoga and brunch event.

There were crystal place settings, silver flatware, and various flower arrangements unique to each table and the table care settings created by Kush Kards sweetly reminded us…”Namastay High.”

The Experience

As guests arrived the consumption commenced. Many people dabbed, smoked joints, and conversed over cannabis provided by Sweet Leaf Marijuana. Irie Weddings and Events also hosted a bud bar offering thoughtfully paired Flo and Bear Dance strains as well as the opportunity to smoke out of the signature Jane West x GRAV Cobalt Collection.

Tyler Golz of Symbiartic Glass created a custom piece that participants could consume their favorite bud frommason jar event group yoga with a view. The craftsmanship was a mountain scape with white clouds – the perfect way to encompass the elusive  “Rocky Mountain high.”

Olio provided the extracts for the event including Cookies and Cream Rosin Budder and Cherry Diesel Sauce.

SteepFuze provided gourmet hemp CBD iced coffee to get the crowd going before the yoga flow. Sherpa Chai a Boulder favorite, provided various chai blends for the tea lovers.

Lemon scones with huckleberry lace and carrot ginger muffins were available to snack on throughout the experience pairing wonderfully with the coffee and chai.

Mason Jar Event Group Yoga with a View

Larissa Ortiz, a well-versed and knowledgeable yoga instructor guided us through practice. She recognized that not everyone was an experienced yogi and created a class suitable for all levels. The class was both challenging and relaxing. Moving through the vinyasa flow in a heightened state allowed me to drop into my body more as I was able to clear my mind.

mason jar event group yoga with a viewCannabis yoga classes are becoming more popular as the pairing of the two is a likely combination. Using cannabis before yoga is a great way to lower inhibitions while on the mat and helps focus the mind in the present.

Class ended with a 15 minute meditation. While meditation is normally difficult for me I found that ending the class with this discipline was much easier while in a heightened state.

 Larissa joked that putting 100 stoned yogis in savasana would likely end in nap time hence.. she picked the seated meditation instead!

Concluding the class I felt refreshed, relaxed in the body and mind, and ready to eat!

The Brunch

The Regional  catered the full brunch experience. The first course was country biscuits and gravy, a heaping platter of bacon, sausage, and ham, and baked grits. There was a colorful bowl of fruit and grapefruit juice mimosas to refresh us after the yoga class. Sweet Leaf Marijuana Flo joints were casually passed around to pair with the meal.

Sweet potato hash came out next which was mixed with Colorado green chili and smoked cheese. This dish was paired with cucumber water to keep us hydrated!

The final course was porridge with a poached egg and pimento cheese. Participants were invited to shake their 5mg Stillwater Brands Ripple dissolvable THC onto the dish.  

The brunch wrapped up around 2pm as guests began to make their way back home. Everyone left with a smile on their face and a satisfied tummy. The event left me feeling honored to live in a legal state, and be able to experience events of this calliber.

Being able to share these experiences with others brings so much positivity to the world and helps break down barriers in the cannabis industry. My hopes are events like these continue to grow and the negative perception of cannabis users declines.

Thank you to Mason Jar Event Group for hosting a lovely day of yoga, quality home cooked food, a diverse group of guests, and one heightened experience I will never forget.