On Wednesday July 18, 2018 thirty foodies and cannasseurs joined together in Boulder, CO for a night to remember.

Mason Jar Event Group, Founder Kendal Noris, hosted a magical 6-course meal prepared by the talented Chef Daniel Asher, of River and Woods & Acreage. 

The dinner party included thoughtful cannabis pairings throughout the experience provided by Northern Lights Dispensary. mason jar summer

Irie Weddings & Events was in charge of the bud bar offering participants the opportunity to consume from Tyler G’s Symbiartic hand blown dab rigs created locally in Boulder, CO, as well as a gold PAX 3 Vaporizer, and hand rolled joints to please all consumption preferences. 

Throughout the evening Lonesome Days, The Mason Jar House Bluegrass Band, played smooth tunes from their banjo, mandolin, bass, and guitar that paired perfectly with the tone of the night. 

mason jar summer

Mason Jar Event SUMMER

Walking into the event you immediately felt like you were drawn into a dream.

The lush greenery throughout the backyard, the exquisite tables decorated by Irie Weddings and Events, and the perfect weather made for a great introduction to SUMMER. 

As people trickled in they were offered Peach Spritzers, Shigoku Breakfast Oysters served with quail eggs, bacon and maple vinegar and Street Corn served with grilled corn, jalapeño, creme fraiche, tomato, avocado, lime, and chili mango powder.

We were encouraged to pair the Northern Lights Pre-98 Bubba with the appetizers offering a relaxing earthy tone to start the evening off. 

mason jar summer

Summer Melons & Prosciutto

As guests settled into their seats the first course was served. I don’t know about you, but the pairing of summer melons, la Quercia prosciutto, and a white balsamic reduction was divine and shouted summer!

The crisp freshness from the watermelon paired with the salty prosciutto made for a memorable first course. 

After the dinner party kicked off guests started to converse with the people around them learning more about other’s backgrounds and reasons for attending the events.

From a show of hands most people at the event were return guests.    

mason jar summer

PAX Vaporizer III

Northern Lights Super Lemon Haze came next.

The bright, citrus flavors from the cannabis strain provided just the boost we all needed to start the next few courses.  The PAX Vapor 3 was passed around the table allowing you to truly taste the flavor profile of the strain. 

Sitting across the table from Northern Lights Owners, Mitch and Eva Woolhiser and Marketing Director, Erika Lindenauer we received a greater insight into their dispensary which has been operating since 2009 in Denver, CO. 

After experiencing Northern Lights it does not disappoint – from the high quality cannabis they produce, to the well-educated bud tenders, and warm and welcoming environment Northern Lights is definitely my new go-to in town. 

After the lemon haze made its rounds at the table it was almost like everything stopped.

The entire table went quiet and for a few moments we sat in complete peace and silence. Allowing the lemon haze to take over our thoughts, the gratitude for the event, and the people around us suddenly became overwhelming. 

This is what a cannabis event should look like. Mason Jar strives to provide up-scale, classy events for those who are seeking a community centered experience with food and cannabis.

It was in that moment that I felt I belonged – I had found my tribe through this group and experience. 

mason jar summer

Jane West Collection – Super Lemon Haze

After we woke up from our cannabliss the Summer Salad was served including grilled peaches, black bear orchard cherries, organic super greens, bee pollen, haystack chèvre, and poppyseed vinaigrette. 

As the night carried on we were served rose’ to pair with our main dishes.

The Main Event 

The first main dish prepared by Chef Daniel Asher was a Kimchi Pancake served with scallion, baked tofu, and sweet soy. The pancakes texture was very unexpected and everyone at the table was in agreement that they thoroughly enjoyed it!

Kudos to Chef Asher for the creativity of a kimchi pancake – who would of thought!? 

The Boulder Paella came next as a nod to local cuisine, including ancient grains, local lamb, saffron yogurt, summer citrus, dry chorizo, and smoked paprika. 

As we started to fill up from our wonderful evening of hospitality, amazing food, wine, and cannabis the next strain pairing Agent Orange was introduced. 

The uplifting tones of the orange citrus were just the boost we all needed to finish out the evening strong. At 10:00pm the backyard came alive with chatter and excitement – we were all loving the experience and suddenly didn’t want it to end. 

It was at that point that Kendal gave the band a much needed break offering thanks to the generous sponsors and staff who made this event happen, as well as introduced Mitch Woolhiser, Owner of Northern Lights.

Looking effortless in his black and white cannabis print button up Mitch addressed the crowd encouraging us to enjoy these moments of rootedness, community, and hospitality.

mason jar summer

Cookie Butter Cake with Jungle fruits

It’s in these moments where living in a legal state truly comes to the fore front. It’s events of this caliber and because of the thoughtful consumers who are standing up for their rights to consume legally that this legalization movement will continue to push forward. 

After the speeches wrapped up the final main course was served saving the best for last.

Chef Asher truly out did himself with the Israeli Shindig served with wood fire pita, whipped hummus, skirt steak, babaganouj, greens chug, feta, and pomegranate molasses. 

Honestly after five courses of food, wine, and cannabis I was floating  – and then dessert came. 

The grand finale Cookie Butter Cream Cake served with jungle fruits, condensed milk, edible flowers, and Steepfuze CBD infused coffee. 

The robust boost from the CBD coffee woke us up from our trance gently reminding us that the experience was almost over. 

As dinner concluded Kendal, like a fairy dancing in the air with her flowy pastel dress and long wavy mason jar summerhair, walked by gently playing her Xylophone letting the guests know their rides had arrived.

The experience was over, but the memories will last a lifetime.

If you haven’t checked out Mason Jar Events you are truly missing out.

These are some of the most thoughtful events I’ve ever attended in the cannabis space each unique to their setting and season. 

If you are interested in the next event check out Yoga with a View for more details and to request an invitation.