Mindfulness is one of the most basic skills we have as humans, but perhaps one of the most difficult journeys we can embark on. Mindfulness is the continuous practice of teaching ourselves to be in the present moment, or at least take note of it. In essence mindfulness is learning to be aware of what’s going on right now in this moment.

Mindfulness and meditation take time and continuous practice, however, there are a few tips one can use to help bring them into the present moment that will make the idea of “meditation” much less daunting.

Setting the Scene for Cannabis + Meditation

Utilizing the plant ally cannabis into your meditation practice can be helpful in easing oneself into the present moment a little easier. 

mindful meditation cannabis It’s important to pick a cannabis strain and method of consumption that you are comfortable with.

I recommend starting slow so to not overpower the mind with the effects of the plant. Consume enough to feel a gentle sensation in the mind and body without being overpowered by an increased heart rate, anxiousness, or other common side effects from cannabis. Especially when working with cannabis as plant medicine using smaller doses is recommended to get the intended effects you are seeking from this practice. 

Strains high in CBD such as ACHD and Charlotte’s Web are great candidates as they will offer less physcho-active effects then strains high in THC.

Once you have found the strain for your body it’s time to set your intention. When using cannabis in conjunction with a yoga practice or meditation it’s important to set the intention for your session.

Why are you utilizing cannabis for mindful meditation?

Take time to reflect on your answers mindfully setting your intention before you consume.

Practice Mindful Meditation + Cannabis 

mindful meditation cannabis

Photo by Jarrod Mason

Find a comfortable seated position to being your meditation. If seated is uncomfortable laying down on your mat is another alternative just being mindful that you are keeping your mind and body awake enough to continue through the practice. If you do notice you drift off into sleep during this practice it may be a gentle reminder from your body that it is exhausted and needed rest. 

When we meditate often times our mind will start to run off in 15 different directions the second we sit down to meditate. This is called the “monkey mind” where our mind quite literally jumps from thought to thought. See if you can use your breath to calm the mind gently focusing yourself back on the breath. 

If your mind does race (and it will) kindly tell yourself “thinking” to be aware of the mindless thought and then come back to the breath. Slowly with time training your mind to be aware of the thoughts will help you calm the mind practicing mindfulness. 

Utilizing these skills over and over again will create a sense of mindfulness and teach yourself more about you. 

You will become more aware of your body, mind, and environment, more present in the current moment, and more focused about the choices you make. 

Cannabis has been used since ancient times for natural healing and can be used today in your meditation practice. 

Have you utilized cannabis in your meditation? What have been your results? 

mindful meditation cannabis

Photo by Jarrod Mason