Greenlove Wellness is offering company profiles for some of our favorite small businesses in the cannabis space! Check out our friends at Momma Jane’s Cleaner who are offering plant-based, all-natural glass cleaner. This is a staple in our house, always keeping our pieces crystal clean.

Momma Jane’s Cleaner

Ever allow your favorite pieces to get dirty and stay dirty…a little longer than you wanted? Or maybe you just really hate having something else to clean. Momma Jane’s Cleaner, a favorite glass resin cleaner to many, was created by a homeschooling cannamom in Oklahoma named Amanda. As a concentrated glass cleaner, made only out of citrus plants, it can serve as a main cleaner or as an additive to alcohol and salt remedies. From dabbing to flower, as long as one’s pieces are glass Momma Jane’s Cleaner (MJC) will not disappoint.

Momma Janes CleanerMomma Janes Cleaner

We offer our concentrated cleaner in three sizes; using roughly 1-4 mL each cleaning.

  • 60 mL, (2 fl oz) dropper bottle
  • 120 mL, (4 fl oz) refill bottle
  • 3 mL, (single use) sample size

The usage of our cleaner is roughly 1-4 mL each cleaning, depending on the size of your glass as well as the age of the resin.

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About Momma Jane’s Cleaner

During the chaos of 2020, our family lost our main source of income like many other families. However, we would beg to say that those were some of our best days of our lives as a family of five. We were able to see what kind of future we were creating and see what kind of difference we were making in this world. As we had to find a new source of income, we also decided to plant a seed. The seed has bloomed from our cleaners and is now known by our beloved rainbow logo. Amanda runs and operates the entire process from empty bottles to shipping. Shipping is where the help of her three daughters love to play a role, from painting boxes to coloring pictures each package is unique.

Momma Jane’s Cleaner is a glass cleaner for everyday life, a rainbow in the mail, & a community of mommas that want to sow the seeds of kindness. From people all around the world, see why Moms and Dads are calling this their favorite cleaner!!

Momma Jane’s Cleaner

Tulsa, OK

Momma Janes Cleaner