Northern Standard Product Review

Nestled in the sleepy little mountain town of Alma, Colorado you will find Northern Standard Dispensary. Just before you head out of town to your mountain escape in Breckenridge and the surrounding mountains I recommend you make a pot stop at Northern Standard. (Not to mention by doing so you’ll save some cash on the taxes). 

Northern Standard Product ReviewAs you enter the dispensary you instantly feel those mountain vibes as the dispensary is well decorated with wooden slates on the walls and is open and airy. There isn’t a huge emphasis on cannabis product displays, but rather a wide array of marijuana relics. Having visited the Weed Maps Museum of Weed in LA I’ll tell you this dispensary isn’t too far off from offering very unique viewings of really cool paraphernalia. 

After you get your dose of marijuana history you’ll walk to the back of the dispensary where Northern Standard’s products are proudly on display. Take a wiff of the cannabis flower, gaze at the gorgeous wooden tipped cartridges, and the carefully crafted edibles created by a World Class chocolatier on display. 

What surprised me most about the Northern Standard experience was how visibly thoughtful the group was about the vibe and aesthetics of their products and dispensary. I’ve been to countless dispensaries across the U.S. and this location stood out to me as a top contender.

I no longer felt like I was in a cannabis shop, but rather in a modern boutique storefront purchasing cannabis from a brand that knew a thing or two about honing in on the consumer’s experience. 

After much perusing of the store my partner and I settled on some birthday essentials including The Northern Standard Elite Ghost Train Haze cartridge and Campfire S’mores Chocolate bar. 

Ghost Train Haze Elite Cartridge 

I’m sure by now most readers have heard about the impending “vape crisis” going on in the U.S. blaming both nicotine and THC vape cartridges as the culprit. While no one can pin point the source of the issue there is criticism  around additives such as PEG, MCT oil, Vitamin E acetate, as well as heavy metals caused by poorly manufactured hardware. 

While there is no conclusive data about what the problem is and how to address it, one good way to stay safe as a consumer is to ask questions about where and how your products are produced.

Always asking the question Northern Standard Product Review#WhatsInMyWeed is a great place to start! 

The Native Elite Distillate line is engineered by extracting cannabinoids and terpenes from the highest quality award-winning organically grown strains, using proprietary nitrogen and CO2 based extraction methods, then removing the inert compounds to provide the cleanest concentration of active cannabinoids and native terpenes available on the market.

Native Elite oils typically contain 75-85%+ total cannabinoids, and 12-15%+ native terpenes. Northern Standard ensures customers that they do not use any foreign terpenes, synthetic flavorings, propylene glycol, butane, propane or other toxic solvents of any kind in their production process. 

After feeling confident that the Northern Elite cartridge would be a safe consumption choice we settled on the Ghost Northern Standard Product ReviewTrain haze sativa strain to keep us lifted throughout the birthday weekend! Ghost Train Haze was created by a local Colorado seed producer Rare Dankness crossing OG Ghost and Nevils Wreck.

When inhaling the Ghost Train Haze you’ll feel a strong sense of euphoria while still feeling relaxed by the Ghost OG. There is a very clean cannabis taste with hints of pineapple and lime terpenes and an after taste of Christmas spices from the blend.

I shared this cartridge with some yogis in my last Light & Lit Yoga class and everyone was very surprised by the clean taste! 

S’Mores Chocolate Bar 

Staring out at Lake Dillon as the snow started to pick up, with the last few hours of my birthday dwindling we decided to dive into the s’mores Chocolate Bar as a final celebration of turning 29.

Northern Standard partnered with a world class chocolate to bring flavors and toppings from around the world while complementing the Colorado lifestyle. Northern Standard Product Review

I’d say that’s exactly what they did with this chocolate bar!

The chocolate was smooth and tasted of high quality chocolate without any weedy after taste. 

The bar is sprinkled with mini marshmallows and crunchy graham crackers bringing you right back to the classic s’mores by the fire. Truly the only thing missing from this lakeside edible experience was the fire!

As a lightweight myself I enjoyed a 10MG piece perfectly elevating me for the rest of the night. I do love the introverted effects I feel from edibles allowing for self reflection. I went to bed feeling relaxed and satisfied after a full day of birthday celebration. 

If you aren’t making a trip up to Alma anytime soon you can find Northern Standard products in dispensaries across the Denver metro area. I promise you that you’ll be pleased with any of the products you pick!