oov lifestyle

Oov Lifestyle is a lifestyle brand for those looking to integrate cannabis into health and wellness.

The online publication believes in creating positive dialogue and fostering safe community spaces in order to push the cannabis movement forward.

They report on a wide variety of topics including both educational and thought-provoking articles as well as real stories from consumers and industry leaders.

One of their most popular segments is “Dear Nurse Susan” where readers can write in with questions and receive knowledgable medical advice on the topic.

Most recently Nurse Susan addressed questions of using cannabis during the postpartum period and cannabis for head injuries

Oov is also hosting The Oov Gala on April 21st in The Bay Area at Harmonia, a health and wellness club that used to be a popular recording studio for artists such as Bob Marley and Fleetwood Mac. Guests can move through various themed rooms, check out cannabis and health and wellness vendor, and much more!

They also recently launched the Oov Ambassador program which expands Oov Lifestyle into cities all across the U.S. 

oov lifestyle Ozzie Ozkay-Villa

Founder, Ozzie Ozkay-Villa started this company as a way to provide a nice balance of knowledge to readers on a wide array of topics. She wants Oov to be relatable to her readers by staying 100% authentic to herself, her family, and her work along the way. 

As a nod to that commitment Oov’s name is her initials which speaks to keeping those values at the forefront of her ventures.

Ozzie has been consuming cannabis on and off since high school, but really began to see the benefits of the plant when she tried Kiva Confections products. Since then she has focused on consuming cannabis as a supplement or in a microdosing format in her daily life to provide a sense of balance, focus, and energy. 

As a mother and certified doula, the path of leading positive education in the cannabis industry hasn’t always been easy. 

While Ozzie does not encourage or discourage the use of cannabis during pregnancy or postpartum she does believe that there are far more harmful pharmaceuticals and interventions than the cannabis plant.

It is her job as a doula to support and empower mothers down whatever path they choose for their birthing plan. 

Recently on The Doctors Ozzie encouraged parents to “drop their stigmas and remain open-minded” when thinking about cannabis consumption.

“Coffee comes from a bean, wine comes from grapes and cannabis is a plant.” 

There are a wide variety of products including topicals, tinctures, edibles, and other smoking methods that are just as effective for one’s health and wellness, without the high. oov lifestyle

It is important for Oov to create quality content for consumers to digest as it is essential in educating the public on the importance and benefits of the plant. 

Moving forward Ozzie is excited for the cannabis industry to really gain traction in California and work out some of the kinks from the early years of legalization. 

Check out Oov Lifestyle here to learn more about all the exciting things they are up to in the future!