Are you interested in adding a more holistic approach to your mental health and wellness? Plant medicine may be the answer. 

As the CBD craze continues and more states continue to legalize cannabis plant medicine is at the fore front of wellness. It is important we understand the benefits plants can offer us by adding them into our lives.

For example, utilizing turmeric and Omega-3 fatty acids have a similar affect as taking an Advil while utilizing full spectrum CBD can provide relief for anxiety, pain management, stress, insomnia, and so much more. 

Being more mindful of our consumption habits; what we put into our body and why will be key to moving us into a healthy society free from Modern Medicine in the future. Coupling this awareness with a more mindful state of being is of utmost importance.

plant based medicine Listening to what we are telling ourselves everyday also has a lot of effect on our physical health. Are you constantly nagging at yourself? Or are you sending love to your being on a daily basis? For me this is a tough practice to swallow, but with a daily gratitude practice, mindful meditation (5-10 minutes), plant medicine, and yoga I can say with confidence there is light at the end of the tunnel. 

After reading the book Follow the Medicine, by Scarlet Ravin a lot of awareness opened up within me. If you are one of those people I mentioned above that has heightened negative self talk which may be leading to other health issues this book is for you. Scarlet encourages self-empowerment and awareness through shifting our mind’s into a positive mindset by breaking down old habits and birthing new ones. 

Wellness is truly a whole mind-body-spirit connection that must be addressed at all levels. Using plant based medicine and moving away from modern medicine’s prescription pill for every ailment approach is key. While not all ailments can be resolved through plant medicine and positive thinking give yourself 3-4 weeks of truly practicing such awareness and watch your body speak to you. 

Feeding your body with whole plant medicine will lead to a healthier mind and awareness around you. Taking the time to tune in daily to your own self talk shifting towards positivity will work wonders. Coupling those two strategies with a physical practice whether it be yoga, a long walk in the park, or a gym routine helps bring us to the next level. 

Tracking your progress and holding yourself accountable is also needed. Whether you write in a journal daily, use a gratitude notebook, time meditation minutes on your phone, or use the GoFire app to track plant medicine dosageplant based medicine try and find something that works for you.

When we are talking about making changes in our lives and ridding ourselves of past habits it takes time and awareness. We didn’t create these habits over night and a result change won’t come easy, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth it. 

Take time daily to sharpen these skills to bring positive talk back into your life, track your fitness goals, and reflect upon your plant medicine consumption to determine what works best for you. What really stuck out to me in reading Follow the Medicine is that you are in control of your destiny. No one else can make you better, you have to hold yourself accountable and put in the work because you want to manifest change. 

If you are interested in incorporating plant medicine into your wellness routine check out Meditate + Medicate with Greenlove Denver and GoFire as well as other Light & Lit Yoga classes. Scarlet Ravin also has an amazing line of CBD products White Fox Medicine if you are looking for a reputable source of plant medicine. 

If you are an entrepreneur looking for a reset through plant medicine, meditation, and yoga check out Youwho Brand’s wellness retreat in July 2019 at Luxx Retreat