Have you ever taken big hit from the bowl and felt like you sucked in some butane from the lighter?

The taste coming off the butane makes for a less appealing smoke sesh which is why many people use alternative methods such as HempWick to avoid butane consumption. Plazmatic Lights has created a solution to that problem by creating an electric, rechargeable lighter. 

Plazmatic lighters Founder, Matthew Stoll, sough out to create an eco-friendly lighter utilizing electric power instead of butane. Plazmatic lights are rechargeable and capable of lighting power at over 900 degrees. 

plasmatic lighter I had the opportunity to try out the Chameleon Plazmatic X Lighter for myself. The lighter is much heavier than a regular lighter made with quality metal. The color changing aspect of the lighter made it fun to showcase while smoking, and I enjoyed the black leather sleeve for the lighter to protect it from any scratches.

When I first started using the lighter I was a little confused as to how to work it.

The electric beam of light stays contained within the lighter making it slightly difficult to load a bowl due to the angle of the lighter.

However, when I took the Plazmatic to a joint it instantly lit. The taste of the cannabis was much more pronounced because I was using the electric light over butane. The joint also appeared to be lit more evenly throughout allowing me to smoke even pulls without having to re-light.

For those who use hippie wick to avoid butane the Plazmatic is a great alternative!

Since the Plazmaatic is electric you can recharge the lighter for many years to come. While the lighter is more expensive than a standard Bic from the gas station I can assure you this lighter will be an investment for your future and your health. The lighter is also very quiet when lit compared to other electric lighters that often have a very loud noise associated with them. 

If you are interested in making the switch from butane to electric check out Plazmatic to learn more.

They also carry the Ecobeamz, Pure Spark, and Plasmic Veo for all your lighter needs.