I have a confession to make – As a cannabis user for over 8 years I don’t know how to roll a joint. I’m one sushi joint rolling classof those people who pack Raw Cones on the daily for smoking convenience. It is sad though that I can’t roll a joint. It also puts you in quite the bind when you are traveling with your normal supplies, forget that you can’t roll a joint, and as a result have no means of smoking.  

Luckily enough my partner Jarrod Mason and I were able to attend My 420 Tours Sushi and Joint Rolling Class to learn how to become both expert joint and sushi rollers! 

Joint Rolling Class 

We started the experience at the My 420 Tours headquarters where we were greeted by our instructors for the night Chef Patrick and Joint Rolling Expert Ram. There were about 20 couples who attended the class from all different backgrounds, locals from CO, as well as many traveling from out of state looking to experience “Colorado” for what we have to offer. 

Prior to class we were asked to purchase two grams of cannabis from Euflora 3D Dispensary. With the class discount the product was $.25. The bud tender told me typically eighths at that dispensary were going for over $40.00 so this was a steal of a deal!

We picked up Mob Boss and Bio Diesel to give us an Indica and Sativa option to roll up. 

The class also included Futurola rolling papers, grinder, rolling tray, and crutch paper – all the essentials needed to roll the perfect jay. The instructor started class by encouraging us to pull our rolling papers apart just to see how durable they really were. For me this was a great visual because I’ve always wanted to be so gentle with the rolling papers. Once I realized it took a decent amount of strength to rip them in half I was more confident with holding the paper. 

We then ground up one gram of cannabis to fill the joint with. We then created the crutch by bending the paper in half 5-7 times rolling the bent side into a circle creating a circular crutch perfect for the end of a joint. The instructor then walked us through the process of rolling a joint by shaping the paper in half so it was in the correct shape to fill it up with cannabis. 

Those were all easy parts. I think the whole group was on board until we started rolling. Rolling a joint is much trickier than expected. Flower falls out, the position of both hands is important, some people were laughing with frustration, others were annoyed. For us with a little bit of experience we were able to roll up the joint with only a tad bit of effort. 

The first joints were rolled were cylinder shaped. It wasn’t until the Instructor explained the “tuck and roll” trick where you place the rolling paper into the crevice of the crutch that we were able to roll a signature cone shaped joint. 


Success! Everyone completed their joint whether it was perfectly shaped or a vaguely joint shaped device we were ready to smoke. 

We hoped on the My 420 Tours consumption bus and were on our way. Once we were out of Denver City limits consumption started. With 20 people in a bus it was the epitome of hot boxing. Everyone got lit trying out their new joint rolling skills and left the bus happy and high. 

We returned to My 420 headquarters for the finale of class – sushi rolling. 

Sushi Rolling Experience 

Coming back from the bus we were in a haze. Slightly stoned, hungry, and ready to roll up sushi the Chef educated us on the various ingredients we were going to include in the rolls, the history behind sushi rolling, as well as offered really good tips on knife safety. 

Once we were prepped on sushi Chef Patrick walked us through the various steps of rolling sushi. After tackling the joint sushi was like a walk in the park. The main trick we learned was “rice of rough” explaining the proper way to apply stick rice to the paper. By using our creativity and picking our own combinations we were able to roll up three rolls each (8 pieces a roll) for a grand total of 48 piece of sushi!

Chef Patrick stole the show with his witty comments, his past experience as an infused chef, and his confidence behind the knife. I felt fully confident after trying this class that I could replicate sushi at home something I never thought would be attainable. Plus, you were able to take home the sushi rolling mat for future rolling. For $160.00 the value of a couple’s date night with an interactive joint and sushi rolling class was well worth it. 

If you are looking for a unique date night idea or a tourist visiting Denver this is the perfect pairing. Sushi and Joint Rolling couldn’t of been more fun or a better experience. 5 stars goes to My 420 Tours and their staff for putting on a top notch experience. 

Check out My 420 Tours to learn more about their daily tour and cannabis class offerings – I’m confident you’ll find one you like.

If you are curious about others experiences check out my blog post on the Grow house and Dispensary Tour it was also a mega hit.