It’s safe to say most of the people reading this post are cannabis consumers. We’ve all been there where you get the munchies after smoking a fat joint or when that edible hits. Most of the time when I’m stoned and need a snack it’s whatever is in the snack drawer, normally some sub par trail mix or old gummy bears. 


Universal Munchies

Universal munchies offers the ultimate stoner pack creating subscription boxes of exotic snacks from all over the world. I was able to try out the Exotic Starter Box and was pleasantly surprised by the array of snacks offered in this box. 

What initially stood out to me about this experience was how interesting it was to see well known brands like Lays, Doritos, Oreos and Kit-Kats in the box, but from a different country. While I couldn’t read most of language on the packaging it was still very apparent what brand and flavor each item was. 

The chip selections were my first go to having tried the Lays Mac-n-Cheese chips and Seltzer Lime Drink paired Universal Munchies with LivWell Cannabis Wax after a long hike. I was expecting the light crispy texture of Lays chips, but was surprised when the texture was more like a Pringles than a potato chip. The Lime Seltzer was a little sweet to me, but was still fun to try out a drink from another country. I also tried Roasted Corn and Barbecue Chips from Doritos that also had a different texture than the chips we are used to in the U.S.! 

Shifting gears to the sweets, my Universal Munchies subscription box included a Green Tea KitKat bar. Green tea is definitely one of my go to drinks so I was super excited to try this chocolate bar out. The flavor was a little off for me as it was a bit bitter, but overall the KitKat was good and something I’d give a try again.

The Oreo Wafer Rolls hit it out of the park with their crispy light texture paired with Strawberry cream. They were something Universal MunchiesI’ve never seen on the shelves and were a fun little treat! You can even buy a bundle pack of wafers on the website for more variety.  

Overall the Universal Munchies box was a unique experience I’d recommend to my stoner friends if you are looking to diversify your stoner snack options. They offer various subscription boxes as well as individual items to purchase.  Especially for those who have traveled the world before and came to like eats from different countries this is a fun company to check out.