FINE is a new line of cannabis products in Colorado specializing in affordable full spectrum CO2 oil, flavored distillates, and edibles. These products are made with high quality ingredients and never contain toxic solvents. I stumbled upon FINE after trying out Northern Standard’s products in my last product review. I was so impressed with Northern Standard’s offerings I had to give these a try. 

FINE Flavored Distillate  

As a #lityogi I love trying new cannabis products that can be utilized in my cannabis practice. When I found out FINE created a high purity, high potency, naturally flavored cartridge I knew I wanted to give it a try. These cartridges are available in “mood specific” flavors: Carefree (blue raspberry), Meditative (mango), and motivated (super lemon haze).  

FINE Cannabis Product ReviewFINE also utilizes high cannabinoid distillate testing at 90%+ adding in all natural terpenes back into the cartridge. The mango terpenes are very prominent in this cartridge. If you are someone who loves that fruity taste vs. a traditional cannabis taste then this cartridge is for you!

I was left feeling lifted, but with a clear mind to leave me with enough peace and quiet to settle into my mat and meditate for a few minutes. I also enjoyed the natural terpene sensation from the cartridge, even though I could settle in for meditation I felt the uplifting effects from the mango flavoring as well that let me finish off my asana practice with a bang. 

If you are looking for a different cannabis vaping experience consider trying out FINE cannabis cartridges. Due to the unique terpene profiles of fruit, and the terpene entourage effect, consumers will have a chance to experience “new highs” and “new sensations!” 

FINE Gummies 

FINE gummies were next on my list of items to try out. I’ll admit I’m not much of an edible person, my tolerance is low and I find myself in a deep fog extending through the next morning when I do consume. However, I was happy to try out FINE gummies and not feel those hazy sensations I normally do, instead I was left feeling an even buzz throughout the duration of experience. 

FINE Cannabis Product ReviewThese gummies do not contain any high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors or colorings, or juice concentrates. As a health conscious person this is great to hear! They are made from All Natural Fruit Purees imported from the Auvergne region, which is the main fruit producing region in France. The fruits are harvested during peak season resulting in excellent flavor and consistency, making them some of the strongest, most flavorful fruit treats on the market.

The flavors coming from these gummies were truly an experience unlike many others I’ve tried out. You can tell FINE took the time to import these fruit purees from an authentic source and are not the sugar filled gummies you’d typically see on the dispensary shelf. I can confidently eat a half a gummy (5 MG) and feel lifted throughout the evening and wake up feeling refreshed and not exhausted from the cannabis. 

FINE gummies are made with pure distillate to ensure you have the same experience every time. They are also strain specific coming in Hybrid, Indica, and Sativa Assorted Fruit Flavors: Key Lime, Strawberry Lemonade, Passion Fruit, Blood Orange, Blueberry Acai.

Learn more about FINE Cannabis products and where to find them in a dispensary near you on Instagram and online.

FINE Cannabis Product Review