On Saturday August 27, 2017 over 150 cannabis conscious individuals joined together to watch one of the most iconic boxing matches in history – Mayweather vs. McGregor

Brett Bohn, a cannabis entrepreneur and vlogger promoting himself under the Instagram handle of Mary’s Motivation decided to host a fight night watch party at Cultivated Synergy

marys motivation fight night

Snapchat: MarysMotivation.

Four years ago Brett moved to Colorado with hopes of entering into the newly emerging cannabis industry.

After working in the field for some time Brett decided to branch off starting his own digital marketing company providing creative content and content management to the cannabis industry.

For fun Brett loves to host events and meet new people in the industry.

What better way to do that then to host a watch party for one of the most anticipated sporting events of the year!

Brett had no expectations for the party – in fact he thought it was going to be a huge flop, but due to the power of social media the watch party took off and the guest list surged. 

Fight Night Watch Party 

I found out about the event through Dipstick Vapes who promoted a giveaway for two tickets to the party. Emerging into the industry myself and not overly excited about paying $100 to watch the fights at home I knew I wanted to be at this event. Luckily I won the watch party tickets and headed to Cultivated Synergy for the fights! 

Walking into the event I was greeted by a cloud of smoke as I watched countless people consuming mostly dabs at tables as well as trying products from vendors. Not being a dabber myself I was very interested in this sub set of the smoking culture. It seemed that most of the people there came prepared with their own rigs and product while the vendors offered their own products on self heating dab stations. 

marys motivation fight night

Cultivated Synergy streamed the fights on a 10-foot projector- with a TV that big there wasn’t a bad seat in the house! 

Chef Cameron Evans, a CannaChef out of Boulder Colorado provided the food for the event. There was popcorn chicken with pineapple habanero sauce, pigs in a blanket, vegetarian spring roll tacos with spicy peanut sauce, and infused chocolate carmel popcorn.

Mary’s Motivation provided two kegs of craft beer as well -nothing says a party then some red keg cups and some infused treats! 

Tucked in the backroom of Cultivated Synergy I stumbled upon Bee-Nails, a Fort Collins based company revolutionizing the convenience of vaporizing. Bee-Nail’s let people try out their portable wax vaporizers marys motivation fight night as well as an exclusive Unity Bong from Elevate Accessories

After getting nice and elevated the fights started as everyone gathered around to watch. Throughout the fights Brett and sponsoring hosts gave out some awesome swag including glass rigs! For some lucky people they left with top-dollar pieces! 

In the tenth round Floyd Mayweather beat Conor McGregor after a series of punches that led the referee to call the fight.

The crowd broke out in smoke, applause, and cheers as the fights came to an end.

Some happy, some upset over the outcome, but everyone was in agreement about the event. 

This was one of the most peaceful, uplifting, and good vibe parties I’ve been to in years and I appreciate all the work people in the industry are doing to destigmatize cannabis users. 

Thank you to Brett Bohn, Cultivated Synergy, Viola Extracts, Apothecary Farms, 710 Labs, Bee-Nails, Dipstick Vapes, FreeNail, and Chef Cameron Evans for throwing a great party! 

I’m looking forward to more social events held by Brett in the future.