Weed and Wine Gift Fair

CannaEssence is hosting a Weed and Wine Fair in Lakewood, Colorado specializing in unique gifts from local vendors.

The Weed and Wine Gift Fair ran on October 27, November 4, and upcoming December 9, 2017.

weed and wine gift fair

Jamie Lynn Thomas, founder of CannaEssence

This event was created for the “canna curious” or those interested in exploring the benefits of cannabis and learning more about the medicinal benefits of the plant.

Ticket holders received an enhanced massage or facial, wine tastings, and expert mini talks on cannabis as well as access to the vendor fair. 

The event offered a safe space for participants to explore the many ways cannabis can help heal your body, lead to a greater sense of well-being, and connecting deeper to the spiritual side of cannabis. 


CannaEssence created by Jamie Lynn Thomas utilizes flower essences collected in Colorado to create therapeutic life transforming body care products and services.

The products tap into the body’s meridians to enhance a sense of well-being and natural radiance.

weed and wine gift fair


CannaEssence was developed to address imbalances in one’s Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual bodies (PEMS). Participants were invited to pick a color that speaks to them and then were provided a massage or facial with the essence. 


Many CBD companies were at the event including: Little Flower Hemp Company, Pure Hemp Botanicals, Ambary Gardens, and Clean Coconut Skincare. 

Little Flower Hemp Company is a family owned hemp company located in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado. The company focuses on limited small batch products from “crop to drop” including lotions, salves, and tinctures. 

Pure Hemp Botanicals is a local Denver favorite specializing in vegan, non-GMO, gluten free, and cruelty free CBD and hemp based products. PHB sources only sustainable, organically grown hemp for all of their products and takes specialize care in ensuring their products are only sourced with plant-based ingredients.

PHB offers tea, tinctures, capsules, vape cartridges, and even pet products! 

Ambary Gardens is another local company focusing on organic growing techniques to ensure the customer is consuming the safest product possible. Ambary Gardens offers full spectrum hemp oils, topicals, and CBD boosted water! 

weed and wine gift fair

Clean Coconut Skincare- Lotion

Clean Coconut Skincare was created by Wendy Pagaduan when she embarked on a personal journey to create natural skincare products to relive common skin ailments she was experiencing. Clean coconut only uses natural ingredients that are safe for the skin and perfect for sensitive skin types.

Once she began to learn about CBD and it’s health benefits it was a natural partner for the coconut oil in her skin care line.

Currently Clean Coconut offers CBD lotions, mists, scrubs, pain cream, and a man scrub! 

weed and wine gift fair

Faro Granola Bars

Faro Bars, a local health conscious edible company specializes in energy bars, granola, and other CBD/THC goodies. Stay tuned for more information as Faro Bars moves towards production and distribution in local dispensaries! 

Each event included various other local companies including Spicy Jamz, Young Living distributor Amanda Carmichael, Nerium consultant Marrielle Canales, energy healer and holistic wellness esthetican Rachel Miera, Ganjasana specializing in cannabis plant spirit yoga and meditation, Greenlove Denver, Lulularoe distributors, various local jewelry and mala makers, and of course wine by One Hope Wine!

One Hope Wine was created by eight individuals inspired to do good while still being able to indulge.

Each purchase includes a donation to local charities, clinical trials for cancer patients, shelter homes for animals, meals for children, and much more! Choosing to purchase One Hope Wine is a win-win for both the consumer and the community! 

This event had participants, both male and female from Boston, New Mexico, and Colorado natives to name a few! There was a wide variety of age groups at the event all eager to learn more about cannabis and it’s medicinal benefits, as well as those interested in CBD products, and other local items! 

This is a great opportunity to learn more about local companies in the cannabis industry as well as purchase some unique finds for holiday shopping. 

Check out the next Weed and Wine Event hosted by CannaEssence on December 9, 2017 for the full experience! 

**All photography in this post provided by Kenesha Facello Photography specializing in cannabis friendly events, product shots, and lifestyle photos.