Background on Cannabis 

Cannabis contains over 85 cannabinoids many of which have documented medicinal value. THC and CBD are likely the two primary cannabinoids that many people think of when consuming cannabis. 

Cannabinoids are the chemical compounds found in the flower that provide various medicinal benefits to the user. These chemicals mimic the chemicals already found in our body through the endoncannabinoid system which are used to help maintain internal health and stability. 

When cannabis is consumed these cannabinoids bind to receptor sites throughout the brain. Depending on the cannabinoid and receptors they bind to the user will have varying experiences. CBD yoga


While THC is the dominate cannabinoid many people think of when consuming cannabis, Cannabidoil (CBD), reaps many medicinal benefits without the physchoactive affects of THC. 

CBD aids in inflammation, pain, anxiety, seizures, and other ailments. CBD has been known to treat arthritis, depression, epilepsy, and is even being prescribed for cancer patients. 

CBD derived from hemp plants does not contain any THC making it legal for all people residing in the United States. 

While CBD is more effective with low-doses of THC due to the “entourage effect” of the plant, those with access to only hemp based CBD will still see benefits from this dosage.  

CBD and Yoga 

CBD yoga

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As a cannabis yoga instructor in Denver, CO I have introduced CBD products into our yoga practice to give students an alternative to smoking cannabis. 

I’ve found that CBD provides general body and mind relaxation without the racing thoughts and anxiety some experience when consuming THC.

If you have never consumed cannabis starting with CBD is advisable as there is a minimal “high” effect, but the body is still reaping the medicinal benefits of the plant.

CBD is a great aid in calming the mind and bringing your mind and body into present awareness. 

CBD is also helpful when someone has over consumed. The cannabidiol acts as a counter balance to THC providing users with an even, more maintainable high. 

There are many different ways to consume CBD through infused oil, topical salves, vaping, edibles, or smoking. Experimenting with various products and consumption methods is the best way to learn how CBD will react in your own body as each experience is user specific. 

In Light & Lit Yoga I offer CBD tinctures that can be administered under the tongue for quicker absorption as well as Marqaha CBD infused agave that pairs well with Pure Hemp Botanical’s tea.

Students are also welcome to try out various CBD salves from companies such as Verra Wellness and LivWell Cannabis

Lynx CBD 

CBD yoga

Lynx CBD is a Colorado based company focusing on the medicinal benefits of cannabis plant medicine with a strong focus on educating consumers and overcoming the common misconceptions about “stoners.” 

Many people are now turning to CBD as a natural, healthy alternative to prescription drugs through increased awareness and education on the plant. 

Lynx CBD offers full spectrum tinctures, salve, isolates, vape cartridges, and more! 

Check out their website to learn more and join the CBD health movement.