On Monday June 4, 2018 Greenlove Denver teamed up with Stay Ripped Apparel, Kush Pump, MJFITNUT, Stigma Activewear, and LivWell Cannabis to provide one of the first 420 fitness challenges on Instagram.

The challenge was set up to showcase the modern cannabis users healthy lifestyle and to break down common misconceptions about today’s “stoners.” For one week participants were invited to take part in a daily workout challenge posting their workout routine whether in the gym, out on a bike trail, or at home. 

The response to this challenge has been overwhelming – we have had participants from all over the U.S., Canada, and even Korea joining us with over 500 uses of #420fitnesschallenge online. 

While everyone’s story varies common themes remain. Everyone is looking to educate the public about what a healthy stoner looks like. No longer are “stoners” couch locked, munchie driven people that don’t shower. We are all very successful individuals working hard towards our goals each day utilizing cannabis plant medicine to assist us in living a healthier lifestyle. 

Many people have chosen cannabis over prescription medications and alcohol abuse. Cannabis is being used by athletes as a way to lower inflammation, help with anxiety, and to provide a more natural pre-work out regimen. 

Athletes have found that cannabis provides them with a greater mind-body connection while exercising allowing their mind to be in the present moment while feeling a deeper connection to their body and muscles that are being activated during a workout.  

CBD for Athletes 

For those who do not have access to cannabis many people are turning to CBD (cannabidoil) for the same benefits with less intoxicating effects over its THC counterpart. 

cannabis for athletes CBD provides users with various medicinal benefits including anti-anxiety, anti-inflammation, nausea relief, insomnia relief, and assisting in alleviating seizures in some cases when dosed properly.

For body builders such as Lamar Byrd Jr. of Kush Pump CBD tincture has helped him get through prepping for bodybuilding shows, reduced his need for weekly massages, and lowed his inflammation allowing him to be more mobile in and out of the gym. 

If you are interested in trying out a daily CBD regimen check out Kush Pump’s CBD tincture Kush Nutra


MJfitnut is a husband-wife duo who utilize cannabis plant medicine to help train for long distance running competitions.

cannabis for athletes

You can frequently catch Antonio and Heather DeRose consuming CBD isolate, various cannabis strains specifically chosen for their active lifestyle, and edibles to help boost their performance on the trail or in a race. 

This Colorado couple can be seen competing in Spartan races, The Bolder Boulder, Ragnar Trail team competition, and many more! 

If you are interested in learning more about how these athletes utilize plant medicine into their training routine check them out here

Stigma Activewear

Stigma Activewear is based out of California focused on providing a lifestyle brand for the active and healthy cannabis community. They aim to uplift negative misconceptions about cannabis users by representing a brand that promotes overall wellness, productive energy, and a positive mindset. 

cannabis for athletes Stigma specializes in cannabis apparel perfect for the gym or a casual Sunday hike.

I’m loving all of the modern design of their joggers, tank tops, hats, grinders, and more! 

Check out Stigma Activewear for the Bold to purchase some unique stoner apparel. 

If you’d like to learn more about Stigma’s background check out Greenlove Denver’s exclusive interview with the brother-sister founder’s Anthony and Nicole Gonzales.

Stay Ripped Apparel 

Stay Ripped Apparel is a leader in providing high-quality lifestyle apparel to individuals and retailers internationally.

The company gathered their inspiration after they recognized the benefits of using marijuana to take their workouts to the next level.

cannabis for athletes

Stay Ripped was created by four college soccer athletes who realized they shared the same passions when they all were toking up before hitting the gym.

Since then Stay Ripped has created cannabis themed athletic wear for men and women to showcase their passion for cannabis and working out. 

If you are interested in purchasing some Stay Ripped swag check them out here.

If you’d like to learn more about their story check out Greenlove Denver’s exclusive interview

LivWell Cannabis 

LivWell Cannabis is one of largest marijuana retailers in the United States operating 15 retail and medical dispensaries in Colorado and Oregon. The father-son owned company focuses on providing quality marijuana to consumers, encourage education and responsible use, shed unwarranted stigmas, and foster lasting relationships among community members in the industry. 

I’m a proud supporter of LivWell Cannabis in Denver, CO and frequently utilize their products in my Lit & Lit Yoga classes.

We are excited to have LivWell on board as a sponsor for this #420fitnesschallenge. 

Greenlove Denver

Greenlove Denver is a lifestyle brand focusing on shining positive light on millennial cannabis users. 

Founder, Lucy Rose created Greenlove Denver as a lifestyle brand for millennials in cannabis friendly states to showcase company’s who are making a positive difference in the cannabis community as well as provide education related to health and fitness to consumers. 

cannabis for athletes

Lucy also hosts Light & Lit Yoga in Denver, CO where participants are invited to utilize cannabis plant medicine to guide their inner light through a vinyasa flow yoga class. 

Greenlove Denver has created a Lit Yogi line of clothing perfect for showcasing one’s love for cannabis and yoga in a chic and sophisticated manner.

If you are interested in learning more about incorporating cannabis into your yoga practice check out this article.

Click here to purchase some just released Summer 2018 Lit Yogi gear. 


I hope you learned more about about our 420 hosts and why athletes are turning to cannabis for their health and wellness routine as a healthy alternative to prescription medications, a natural pre-workout regimen, and to create a greater mind-body connection while working out. 

Congrats to all of our winners and participants for joining in – it truly takes a tribe to push this cannabis movement forward towards full legalization. 

Stay tuned for more information for the next 420 fitness challenge!