On Saturday December 9, 2017 Lucy from Greenlove Denver and Amber hosted a Doterra Essential Oils workshop followed by a Light & Lit cannabis yoga class. 

Amber, a certified yoga instructor and 4th grade teacher has been using oils in her daily routine for over six months. It was during this workshop that she was able to reflect upon her oils usage which was really astonishing! 

Essential Oils Workshop 

essential oil workshopWith over 90 different oils on the market learning about each oil can become a daunting task. However, starting with a few basic oils will really help expand your knowledge base and help one change the way they think about chemicals, medication, and other harmful products we utilize in our daily lives. 

Frankinscense is known as the “King of all Oils” as it has been around since Babylonian Age. The warm spicy scent is good to stimulate the feeling of peace, relaxation, and satisfaction. When internally taken it can promote healthy cellular growth. 

Lavender is another well known essential oil that has many relaxing benefits for stress and tension release as well as aiding in sleep when placed on the temple or feet at night. When taken internally it can reduce the look of skin imperfections and help soothe skin irritations. 

Cyprus oil was one of Amber’s favorites. This oil helps promote vitality, energy, and invigorates the senses when applied. The clean, fresh, woody scent has grounding effects, but is also helpful in stimulating the senses making it a great option during a time of loss or transition. 

essential oils workshop

Allergy Blend – Peppermint, Lavender, Lemon

On Guard is Doterra’s Protective blend that is full of immunity boosting and cleansing properties. This is a go-to oil in the winter when you feel a cold coming on. Taking On Guard internally through a capsule or in tea is especially nice.

Diffusing On Guard to help clear out any toxins or germs in the air is another great use. For those working in an office space or school this is a great oil to have!  On Guard is so versatile that you can create hand cleanser and non-toxic surface sprays as well. 

DigestZen is another exclusive Doterra blend that aides in digestion, soothing an upset tummy, and promoting overall digestive health when taken internally. This is a great alternative to over the counter stomach medications. 

Deep Blue is a Doterra product line specifically create to aide in muscle tension and provide a cooling effect when applied. For those who have an achy neck, shoulders, or back this is a great oil to apply after a long day of work!

The Deep Blue rub is perfect for massages and is the environmentally friendly alternative to Icy Hot or Tiger Balm! 

essential oils workshop

Greenlove Denver & Amber

There are countless other essential oils and blends that one can use to fight allergies, create a sense of peace, happiness, relaxation, aide in household cleaning, and fight most ailments in the body! 

Becoming more aware of the uses of these oils will happen over time, but these are a few main oils that Amber finds useful in her daily routine.

Starting with a few oils and experimenting with their uses is a good way to become more accustom to their benefits while slowly replacing the products in your home. 

During the essential oils workshop participants were able to try and smell all of the oils discussed as well as many others that were not listed.

It was very interesting to see how each students sense of smell helped trigger their reaction to the oils differently. It is important to listen to your own body to determine which oils will help you and find your own favorite blends! 

Light & Lit Yoga 

After an hour of education on essential oils students participated in Greenlove Denver’s Light & Lit class.

Prior to class students were educated on the importance of consuming organic cannabis and learning more about where the plant came from. Setting intention before consuming is also significant.

essential oils workshop

Responsible, organic consumption

Understanding why one is utilizing this plant medicine for healing purposes, anxiety, pain relief, etc.. is a great way to reflect upon why one is choosing this plant ally for their practice. 

Students were able to consume an organic, locally grown CBD strain from Pueblo, CO as well as organic cannabis from Verde Natural in Denver, CO. 

The class was also sponsored by Hemp Bombs who provided CBD tincture, syrup, and cooling salve for all students to take home. 

Learn more about what Hemp Bombs has to offer in my product review post. 

After an hour long vinyasa flow encompassing both sun and moon energy students left feeling relaxed and uplifted. 

It is important to always take time for self care in order to provide the body with the movement and rest it needs. 

This essential oils workshop and cannabis yoga class was the perfect reset I needed to get through the sometimes overwhelming holiday season.

Use your essential oils and yoga practice to help relieve stress and anxiety during this busy time of year! 


Interested in attending Light & Lit in the future? Check out our Class Schedule online. 

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